9 Easy Abs Workout Home Routines to Get Six-Pack Abs

Find the best abs workout routine for you to get sculpted, lean, tight and rock-hard abdominal muscles.

Six-Pack Shredder by V Shred

Fitness is not a quick fix. A scientifically-proven home workout routine is the best way to get a tight stomach and a slimmer figure. Six-Pack Shred is a great option for fitness buffs looking to elevate their flat stomach workouts.

Six-Pack Shred is a comprehensive abs-sculpting exercise program that explains exactly what you should do. You just need to follow the plan exactly, without any excuses.

Fast 5-Minute Abs Workout

This home workout for abs will not take too much time. You must complete nine moves in five minutes. This exercise aims to increase the number of reps you perform as you repeat the routine more often.

You don’t have to do one rep per second, but that’s okay. It’s important to take small steps toward your larger goal of getting washboard abs. This can be done as an exercise on its own or at the end of a gym workout.

How to:

* Lying Leg Raises (30 Seconds)
* Windmills (30 seconds)
* Starfish Crunch (30 seconds)
* Mountain Climbers (30 seconds)
* Russian Twists (30 seconds)
* Spiderman Planks (30 seconds)
* Single-Leg Drops (30 seconds)
* Double-Leg Circles (30 seconds)
* Flutter Kicks (60 seconds)

7-Move 7-Minute Abs Home Workout Routine

Are you able to perform seven intense ab exercises non-stop for seven minutes, seven times? This intense ab workout is for your needs. This is a simple routine that you can do anywhere. You can do it anywhere, whether you are at home, at work, at the park, or in a hotel. You only need seven minutes of your own time and yourself.

How to:

* Heel Touches
* Bicycle Crunches
* Reach-Through Crunch
* Jackknife Crunch
* Starfish Crunch
* Windmills
* Heel Touches

M-100 (3 Minutes)

A few rounds of HIIT are a must for any fat-burning session. The M100 is a HIIT intense workout that will leave your core, legs, and abs in pain. It consists of three moves. It is important to complete the circuit three times and then finish it with 10 more reps for your first move. This should take the average gym-goer around three minutes. You will find it easier to complete the routine if you do it more often.

How to:

* Burpees
* Mountain Climbers
* Jump Squats

Complete 7-Move Ab Workout

Don’t worry if you’re a beginner at working out. V Shred offers the ideal abs workout that you can do at home. This seven-move abdominal workout plan targets your abdominal muscles from all angles: the obliques, upper, and lower ab muscles. Each exercise should be performed 20 times with little rest in between. Then, do the exercises in a series and take a 2-minute break. Then, repeat the circuit twice more.

How to:

* Sit-Ups
* Lying Leg Raise
* Jackknife Sit-Ups
* Leg Pull-In
* Toe Touchers
* Crunches
* Reverse Crunch

10-Minute Abs Home Workout Routine for Men

This is a great workout for men looking to get a solid six-pack and flat stomach. The routine consists of 10 moves that you must do for 50 seconds with a 10-second break in between. Try to do as many reps per exercise as possible to make the circuit harder. You have two options: you can either stop at the end of the circuit or continue the circuit from the top.

How to:

* Low Plank (50 seconds)
* Hanging Leg Raise (50 seconds)
* Reverse Plank Kicks (50 seconds)
* Shoulder Knee Touches (50 seconds)
* Hollow Body Hold (50 seconds)
* Clam Crunch (50 seconds)
* Lying knee twist (50 seconds)
* High Plank Knee Up, In (50 seconds)
* Toe Touchers (50 seconds)
* Plank (50 seconds)

Abs of Steel Workout Program

This complete program is designed to help you get your abs strong. You can make this circuit more difficult by increasing the number and complexity of the sets. Beginners can do the circuit three times. Advanced lifters can perform the entire circuit seven times. It’s not about how many reps you do. It’s about how good each rep is. Don’t sacrifice your form to get a few more reps.

How to:

* Sit-Ups (10 reps)
* Flutter Kicks (10 reps)
* Lying Leg Raise (10 repetitions)
* Bicycle crunches (10 reps).
* Jackknife Sit-Ups (10 reps)
* Leg Pull-Ins (10 reps).
* Up and Down Plank (10 reps).
* Plank (30 seconds).
* Body Saw Plank (10 reps).

Exercise for 3-Minutes

This flat stomach exercise is great for women to do wherever and whenever they like. This is the ideal routine for female gym-goers who desire a slim, curvy body.  Try to do as many quality reps as possible with each exercise. With every rep, contract your muscles.

How to:

* Heel Touches (30 seconds)
* Lying Leg Raise (30 seconds)
* Scissor kicks (30 seconds)
* Plank twists (30 seconds)
* Bicycle Crunch (30 seconds)

Three-Minute Shifting Plank Workout

Planks can help build core strength. But, it can be boring to do the same plank every day. This workout is for you if you are tired of doing the same elbow planks every day. This workout consists of six variations of planks that you must do for three minutes. This routine is sure to beat your daily planks. This can be done on its own, or you can incorporate it into your home abs workout routine.

How to:

* Regular Plank (30 seconds)
* Plank with Leg Raises (30 seconds)
* Left Side Plank (30 seconds)
* Right Side Plank (30 seconds)
* Regular Plank (30 seconds)
* Spiderman Plank (30 seconds)


These are just a few of the many home workouts that you can do for your abs. It is important to find a routine that fits your needs and helps you achieve your goals. You must be consistent with your exercises and cut out all junk. This is the only way you can achieve your fitness goals. The results of your hard work and sacrifice will soon be apparent.

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