Deca Durabolin (Nandrolone Decanoate)

Deca Durabolin (“Deca”) is really the brand for Organons form of the compound Nandrolone Decanoate. Deca Durabolin is really a 19-Nor compound (some would say that it’s the 19-nor compound), and therefore, it shares essentially exactly the same qualities wonderful them. One factor unique to Deca, above almost all anabolic steroids, may be the mystique it’s had during the last quarter of the century. On the personal level, Ive incorporated Deca in cycles at doses varying from 100mgs/week to two,000mgs each week. Suffice to state, I’ve my great amount of expertise with Deca Durabolin. This drug was regarded as very highly by Serta Duchaine in the Subterranean Steroid Hand books in addition to a lot of his later documents. For a lot of, it was and it is the ultimate word on Deca. Allows explore a few of the reasons that Decas mystique might be deserved and needed.

To begin with, Deca Durabolin (and Nandrolone generally) does not produce many estrogenic or androgenic unwanted effects. It is because Deca Durabolin includes a really low rate of aromatization (conversion to oestrogen through the aromatase enzyme), roughly comparable to 20% the speed of Testosterone.

Also, Ive read a multitude of locations that Deca Durabolin stores water in ligament, thus relieving joint discomfort. I’ve no clue what “storing water within the joints” means. I’ve no clue how you can really evaluate that statement, or where it began. However, in a single study of postmenapusal women, Deca impoved bovine collagen synthesis (1), as well as in another study Deca Durabolin elevated bone mineral content. (2)These two studies used Really low doses, that have been way too low to advertise muscle growth. Within my estimation, according to these 2 studies, a sports athlete trying to make use of Deca just for both of these effects (growing bone mineral content and bovine collagen synthesis) ought to be using 100mgs of Deca Durabolin each week. Thats really a greater dose than individuals two studies used effectively. Even at of the dose, in Aids patients who’ve experienced significant wasting, a 100mg/E2W (every 2 days) injection of Deca led to a “significant rise in weight” (5). Id never suggest that low of the dose to have an athlete, nevertheless its proof of Decas strong anabolic qualities.

Deca is an extremely nice anabolic, leading to nice (although slow) gains in quality muscle. This may be because of its moderately strong binding towards the Androgen Receptor, or its many positive non-Androgen-Receptor mediated effects. One particular effect is nitrogen retention, that is a major element in muscle growth and lean mass gains in a single study, with low-doses (65 mg/week) and-doses of Deca (200 mg/week), both low-doses and-doses led to significant nitrogen retention (33-52 g nitrogen/fourteen days, representing gains of .5 to .9 kg lean tissue/week), and the body weight elevated by 4.9 /- 1.2 kg, including 3.1 /- .5 kg lean muscle mass, and treadmill exercise performance (cardiovascular fitness) also enhanced (7). Need I only say the greater doses within this study created more gains? people who’ve published their results with Deca Durabolin confirm this in lots of posts and threads, using their average reccomendation being to consider 400-600mgs/week for muscle gain. I must agree.

Deca Durabolin,Anabolic steroids,Deca Deca Durabolin also offers a really lengthy active existence. We are able to see in the chart below that the 100mg shot Deca (symbolized through the circles) created relatively active and stable plasma nandrolone levels until day almost 10, hence once per week shots are thats essential for stable amounts of nandrolond Deca Durabolinnoate (like a side note, the nandrolone phenylpropionate utilized in this research was active, and just experienced a serious fall off around day 5, shooting NPP every fourth day is what you want). Youll also observe that greater bloodstream plasma amounts of Nandrolone are located with Gluteal injections instead of Deltoid injections (this is correct for those oil-based anabolic steroids, I believe).

Deca Durabolin

In another study of Aids males (6) we are able to observe that Deca Durabolin ( 200mgs on week 1, 400 on week 2 and 600mgs for days 3-12) triggered No bad unwanted effects as a whole or Cholestrerol levels, triglycerides, or blood insulin sensitivity and there is a discount of High-density lipoprotein cholesterol(8-10 points) both in groups. Also, in many studies with Aids subjects, Deca Durabolin also enhanced immune function.

What exactly will we know to date relating to this compound? To date, we all know thatDeca Durabolin is an extremely safe drug for long-term use, will be joint pain, could improve immune function, and it is highly (!) anabolic, and not so androgenic.

Thats what’s promising (and theres a variety of it), let’s focus on unhealthy news:

Deca Durabolin is renowned for creating quality weight gains, however it needs to be utilized for 12 days at least, knowing from people feedback, in addition to my very own personal expertise. This shouldnt cause any problems, as it is a really mild drug when it comes to side-effects.

Deca Durabolin Unwanted Effects

Many people of also complain water-retention with this particular drug, and again, Im inclined to agree. Letrozole appears to become a preferred option to combat this, and it is my personal favorite with this use. This bloating would appear to create Deca Durabolin more appropriate for bulking instead of cutting, although it may be effectively employed for either.

Let’s focus on the worst news: Deca Durabolin is really a progestin (much like all nandrolones), regrettably it will happen stimulate the progesterone receptor 20% in addition to progesterone itself (3), which paves the way for a lot of possible undesirable unwanted effects (bloating, acne, etc…). It should be noted that many of individuals are rare, though. This might be the main reason why Deca is really a suppressive drug if this involves your natural testosterone levels. We are able to see in the chart below that the single measly 100mg injection of Deca Durabolin triggered an overall total (100%) decrease in natural testosterone levels, also it required roughly per month to come back individuals testosterone levels to baseline! All from 100mgs of Deca!

Deca Durabolin

The moral of the story? Always employ Testosterone together with your Deca Durabolin! I would recommend 200mgs, minimum, to prevent impotence and sexual disorder. To have an anabolic effect from that Testosterone, I suggest a minimum of double that, by having an equal quantity of Deca Durabolin (minimum). Id also recommend taking an anti-progesteronic drug with Deca Durabolin (or at best getting it available): Cabergoline and Bromocriptine are generally good options.

Deca Durabolin Cycle (Deca Durabolin dosage for bodybuilding)

Where shall we be? Well, Id be comfy suggesting Deca Durabolin to be used inside a bulking cycle at as much as 600mgs/week to have an extended duration (12-16 days), or as much as 400mgs/week inside a cutting cycle (again, for 12-16 days), as lengthy as something to combat bloating exists. Whichever purpose you choose to use Deca for, you still need include Testosterone inside your cycle and also have some anti-progesteronic drugs available (see paragraph above), just just in case.

Publish Cycle Therapy (Percentage), though past the scope of the profile, must be said on. Because of the highly suppressive character of Deca Durabolin, I’ll speculate that testosterone inside a Deca Durabolin-inclusive cycle must be run not less than 2 additional days upon cessation of Deca. We remember in the chart above that baseline testosterone levels required roughly per month to come back. Hence, a pleasant lengthy estered testosterone ought to be run a couple of days more than Deca Durabolin, to avoid getting a lag over time once the Deca Durabolin isn’t creating an anabolic effect, yet continues to be controlling your natural testosterone levels. Id also claim that an especially aggressive Percentage be pursue your cycle nolvadex, HCG, and possibly clomid really should be applied in order to reinstate your natural hormonal levels as rapidly and effectively as you possibly can.

Buy Deca – Derabolin

To purchase Deca Durabolin like a human-grade pharmaceutical from the dealer who stocks the Organon brand is going to be an costly proposition. You can finish up having to pay more than $10usd per amplifier or 2ml vial which method is (within my estimation) most likely probably the most photoshopped steroid on the planet. Purchasing veterinary grade can make that much cheaper, with $75 to be the average cost for any ten milliliter bottle. You will find also many subterranean labs that leave this drug in most cases 10-20mls of the 200mg/ml concentration won’t ever go beyond $100.

Deca Durabolin Information

(Nandrolone Base Decanoate Ester)


Molecular Weight(base):274.4022

Molecular Weight (ester):172.2668

Formula (base): C18 H26 O2

Formula (ester):C10 H20 O2

Melting Point (base): 122-124C

Melting Point (ester):31 – 32 C

Manufacturer: Organon

Release Date (in USA): 1962

Effective Dose (Males): 200-600mgs/week (2mg/lb of Body weight)

Effective Dose (Women): 50-100mgs/week

Active existence: 15 days

Recognition Time: As much as 18 several weeks

Anabolic/Androgenic ratio: 125:37

Deca Durabolin References:

Metabolic process. 1990 Nov39(11):1167-9

Results of nandrolone Deca Durabolinnoate on bone mineral content R, Righi GA, Turchetti V, Vattimo A.).

Cancer Res 1978 Nov38(11 Pt 2):4186-98

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