Tuesday, September 21, 2021

Can’t Build Muscle

So, you’ve been told you Cant build muscle mass right? It’s not possible to build muscle mass, and you are struggling, do you know how many times I get told “I just cant build muscle “

Too damn much! And usually it’s by really skinny or fat guys, if your fat, you need to LOSE some weight, then we’ll focus on muscle alright? If you are ridiculously skinny, you need to EAT some calories, and lift big heavy compound lifts and you’ll build muscle.

I remember oh it must be 6 years ago, this guy was introduced to me, he was 18 and his parents wanted him to go to the “Next level” problem was he wasn’t at any level of fitness, or health despite what they believed.

He said he just can’t build muscle anyway, he was 5’7 inches tall and weighed in at a good 118lbs when weighed anyway this guy said the exact line below to me, this is no joke”

I mean I’m pretty bad ass man, I have a CHEAP bench press next to my bed with 30lbs of weights and I just blast it out first thing in the morning over and over, my bench is good.

What a surprise he had when for the first 6 weeks of his training he didn’t use the bench at all, everything he mentioned was bench press, bench press.

So I put him onto Dips, Bent over rows, Squats, and deadlifts.

We looked at his diet “I eat well most of the time”

He wakes up and had some oats, that was it, a few hours later he had a sandwich around noon, then at 7pm he had something else, might be a pizza or something as small as a bacon sandwich but the guy didn’t eat much.

We worked out in average his calories were 1000 a day if that, and all from shitty sources.

He purchased a protein shake, and he started his day with a protein smoothie, he went on and ate, eggs, chicken breasts, tuna, salmon etc. (he loved fish)

Within 6 weeks, he’d added nearly 15lbs.

However there was one thing he hated “man, I hate doing this, I hate doing that” if it was squats, deadlifts, etc he complained, I explained why these were superior “but we only do curls every 5 days, not every day bro??”

HE couldn’t see how much bigger he got, and he got plenty of compliments, his parents loved it, but unfortunately he didn’t, he still claimed he cant build muscle and all this and the other.

After the first 6 weeks were up he decided to tell his parents he didn’t need to “renew” working with me.

Time went by and his parents got in touch with me again, I explained that I didn’t really have any interest in training him (to be fair he had one of the worst attitudes known to man) when the father eventually begs and cries before bringing his son down the next day.)

His son is now weighing over 200lbs, and looks insanely fat, he’d changed the diet given to him dramatically, adding tons of carbs, “I have whole wheat chicken, in 4 breaded whole wheat buns, right then man!! Then man!!! I cover it in extra virgin olive oil for extra calories!

But if that isn’t good enough I do this twice a day!

He went through the rest of his food and we were hitting nearly 6000 calories.

His training was worse, he was borderline diabetic drinking 3 energy drinks per day along with tons of other crappy sugars.

He was drinking protein shakes the weight gainer types full of milk with 2000 calories in them, overall the guy was borderline insane.

When I saw him training it got worse, struggling to squat and keep his form! He was now overloading his weight to a DRAMATIC degree, and also to make things far worse he was not squatting, it wasn’t even like the depth a calf raise would get, the guy bent his legs ever so slightly, and went 1 2 3 4 FIVEEEEEEEEEEE counting out every rep, screaming in anger.

Alas, the guy is now diabetic and a complete mess and this is a typical story of guys who say they cant build muscle.

Everyone out there CAN build muscle if we just put a bit of an effort in, and sort ourself out, i’ve never met ANYONE unable to build muscle and this is a fact.

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