Advantages of steroids

What are the Advantages of steroids?

Well it depends on the type of steroid and of course what you are wanting to use them for. But I’ll give you a brief list of what you can expect.

  1. An extremely large increase in muscle mass.
  2. A dramatic increase in muscle strength
  3. Some anabolic steroids can be used to greatly increase collagen and heal joints and tendon.
  4. Some steroids provide excellent pain killing relief to arthritic symptoms, far better than most medications offered by a doctor.
  5. They can great increase endurance in the athlete.

I could go on and on about the known advantages of steroids

But first we need to take a look at what your goals are?

Are you wanting to burn fat for example? If you have everything right, which I am assuming you do since you are on a bodybuilding website looking for steroids, which, in fact, I’ll mention this now rather than later, you can buy all the steroids mentioned here + more by clicking the link below

Now let’s say you are wanting to hold on to as much muscle mass as possible while burning off fat. Anabolic steroids such as anavar and turinabol also known as t-bol are perfect.
Why is this? Both of them have FAT burning properties. Neither of them cause water retention or lead to estrogenic side effects and finally, they both build lean muscle mass and greatly increase endurance.
Overall they are great anabolic steroids for a cut.
Then obviously there’s clen. While not an anabolic steroid clen is an excellent fat burner that I’ve seen individuals lose up to 5-6lbs per week using clen. Below I’ve done a full article on clen and the many benefits it can have.

How To Take Clen

Then there’s of course Human growth hormone or HGH, this is ideal for almost anyone man or woman, especially once you are over the age of 30. It has great healing properties for the bones, joints and of course muscle tissue. It greatly increases recovery and endurance. And overall it has plenty of heath benefits before we even get in to the realm of using it for a performance enhancer.
For example, i’s ability to burn off fat is remarkable. I’ve seen guys lose up to 40lbs a year on this. As well as the great increases in lean mass you can see why this drug is loved by so many.
Another great steroid is testosterone. This can be used when you are either A losing weight or B building muscle. Having low testosterone is not something you ever want to have to deal with and having testosterone as high as possible leads to a lot of things.

1 building more muscle mass. 2 denser bones 3 a MUCH better sex life 4 fat loss.

Getting excited about the advantages of steroids yet? I’ve not even hit the surface yet.

Another steroid is Tren and how could I do an article about Advantages of steroids and not mention tren? Tren is one of the most powerful if NOT the most powerful steroid currently on the market with fat loss of up to 20lbs and mass gains of 30lbs at the same time frequent with this drug.
It should never be used by a first timer and is only for the advanced user.
It has led to some dramatic changes in the body of many steroid users and is a great steroid overall especially for it’s ability to increase muscle mass and burn fat at a ridiculously rapid pace.

There’s also other steroids in the oral form such as Dianabol

Dianabol is loved by many and is great in many cycles, cycles such as testosterone, deca, and dianabol were a huge favourite in the 80’s think of guys like hulk Hogan etc. This steroid can be stacked in almost any bulking cycle and is actually the most powerful on a MG For MG basis.
Obviously I’m not going to mention every steroid.

Equipiose, masteron, Deca, all should be on this list a long with IGF-1 and a lot of the peptides but we’d be talking about an article that is at least 6000 words long. Instead I’m going to end it here.
I wanted to give you a brief explanation on the Advantages of steroids and I feel I managed to do that or at least I hope so.

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