Bulking Cycle For Rookies (Basic Steroid Cycle)

This is a BULKING cycle for rookies. It doesn’t matter if you are 23 or 53, this is a GREAT first cycle for anyone. I’m going to go into details on a BASIC steroid cycle, along with the type of training and food you should eat, along with supplementation.

Following this should allow between 20 to 30lbs of muscle mass, realistically.

Truth be told, building muscle is a quality very few people possess. Not only do you have to train hard (and of course, correctly), you must also have the self-discipline, and be willing to eat like one too. The purpose of this article is to help educate anyone who is interested in taking their training, diet, and of course, health, to the next level. My goal here is to help you improve your looks, strength, stamina and your life in general.

How do I plan on doing that? Let’s say you weigh 300lbs and can’t get out of bed. You don’t have a girlfriend. Your 40 years old, and you genuinely feel something is missing. Obviously I can’t guarantee you a life partner, but realistically, if you are 180lbs lean and look damn good, you will throw confidence out to everyone. This will allow you to make new friends. And looking attractive is always a bonus.

Obviously, I don’t expect most of you to be in this situation. A lot of you might be slightly underweight or over weight and wanting to look “good” or achieve the “toned” look. Or if you’re older, you might want to look a lot younger or better than most do at your age.

Whatever your purpose is, I am here to help, and I believe this article will educate the people who are interested in building muscle. You will learn what bulking is, the difference between a “clean bulk” and a “dirty bulk”, and supplements used when trying to bulk up.

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First, let’s discuss what bulking is.

Bulking is a time when you are primarily focused on building muscle. What I mean by this is, every session you should be adding more weight to the bar. You should be hitting compound movements heavy and hard. I tend to add 200 to 300 calories per week to my diet, if I don’t see progression. You MUST be willing to train like an animal and eat more calories than what you are used to eating. It is also very important that you set goals for yourself when trying to successfully bulk and gain muscle mass fast. It’s important to make sure the goals set for yourself are realistic. Are you training natural? Then expect 0.5 to 1lbs per week (weight wise) If you are using some of the products on this website (depending on what you are using), you should at least expect to be seeing 3/4lbs per week, along with strength gains. It is important you set realistic goals and focus on them, so that you don’t get discouraged when you have a harder day/week.

Your main concern when bulking should, of course, be your diet. Clean bulking is eating clean, making sure that you don`t gain any fat, with the occasional cheat meal added once a week or so. Dirty bulking is thinking that by eating pizza, cookies, and tons of other crap that you will gain mass. Doing this will cause weight gain, sure, but it certainly won’t be the kind we desire! Your diet should consist of the same bodybuilding foods that you would normally eat, just in a higher caloric amount. There’s also some basic changes you can make. For example: Swapping Chicken breasts for chicken thighs; Eating high fat fish such as salmon over tuna. Aim for an excess of 300 to 500 per day and make adjustments at the end of the week if you feel that you’re not gaining enough muscle.

Most bodybuilders use supplements to assist with muscle growth. The three most frequently used on a bulk are Creatine, Whey Protein, and Branch Chain Amino Acids. You can purchase the 3 recommended products here. Creatine holds water in the muscles, thus, making your muscles look harder. It also helps you with strength. Whey protein is just a more convenient way of getting your daily protein needs, and branch chain amino acids are used to repair and recover from workouts quickly, and of course to keep fat gain to a minimum while doing a clean bulk.

What steroids do you recommend if I’m trying to bulk?

Well, there are many.

Testosterone enthanate

Looking for Peptides?


What types of food should I focus on?

Personally, healthy fats are a must.

Swap tuna for salmon, chicken breasts for chicken thighs. Put butter under the skin to add more calories. If you are having 1/2 cheat meals a week, go out and eat all you can eat ribs.

Take full advantage of your post workout meals.

I have 6 eggs for my breakfast, etc. Numerous things can be done.

What type of training should I do?

As many of you know, I am an extremely big fan of Big Beyond Belief, and because of this, I advocate a 6 day routine hitting each body part a minimum of twice per week. (3 times is better, ESPECIALLY IF USING THE ANABOLICS)

I hope you’ve found this a helpful article, and I will be doing more in depth ones on certain ways of eating and the manipulation of hormones.

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