Boiled Egg Nutrition And Benefits In Bodybuilding Diets

Boiled Egg Nutrition And Benefits

Bodybuilders don’t have the easiest of lives when it comes down to their diets. They spend countless hours in the kitchen each week, spend large quantities of money on food and supplements, and have to be incredibly strict with the foods and drinks that they consume on a daily basis. Bodybuilders’ lives aren’t ruled or dictated by the gym at all, in fact, most bodybuilders will only spend 5 days in the gym each week, training for around 60 – 90 minutes at a time.

The rest of the time, however, they spend preparing food, eating food, buying food, and looking for new and exciting ways to make their meals more enjoyable. Whereas most people would treat themselves to a slice of cake after dinner, or perhaps take out a night or two each week, a bodybuilder, particularly one that is cutting and trying to drop their body fat, will have to eat bland, uninspired, and unimaginative meals, which more often than not, are foods like grilled chicken with brown rice, and asparagus.

As far as food goes, they have very little choice, which is where eggs come into the mix. Eggs are incredibly versatile as they can be prepared in so many ways. Eggs are ideal for bodybuilders, particularly boiled eggs, and for that reason, we’ll be taking a look at boiled egg nutrition and benefits.

They’re So Convenient

One of the main benefits of boiled eggs is the fact that they’re so very convenient for bodybuilders. Bodybuilders need to eat every two-three hours to keep their bodies in an anabolic (muscle building) state and prevent muscle wastage and breakdown. The problem is that if they’re at work, or simply away from the kitchen or a healthy store, they may struggle to eat when they’re supposed to in order to meet their nutritional goals and requirements.

Boiled eggs, however, are absolutely perfect because they can be prepared in batches, and will stay fresh for several days. Many bodybuilders will set aside an hour or less each week and will boil up a batch of boiled eggs, peel them, and then store them in a Tupperware in the fridge. Then, if they’re feeling peckish they can simply grab one or two, or if they’re on the road and need a healthy, high protein snack, they can take a few with them and eat them on the go.

They’re Rich In Protein And Amino Acids

The main reason why bodybuilders consume so many eggs is the fact that they’re rich in protein and amino acids. Our bodies need protein, and amino acids too for that matter, not only to function but to also build muscle and repair damaged muscle following intense workouts.

Boiled eggs, and any other egg too for that matter, are a fantastic source of protein, and what’s more is that they’re also rich in amino acids, containing a complete profile of not only essential but non-essential amino acids too, which is a feat that no other food is able to achieve. Just one average-sized boiled egg will contain around 5 – 6 grams of protein, so snacking on two or three will give you as much as you would get from a generous serving of meat.

They’re Full Of Nutrition

As far as boiled egg nutrition goes, this is where boiled eggs really come into their own, and earn their keep as it were. Eggs are one of the most nutritionally dense foods you could ever hope for because they consume such a wide range of different nutrients.

Boiled eggs are packed full of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and much more besides. Just a few of the main nutrients you can find inside a typical boiled egg include Zinc, Potassium, vitamin B, vitamin A, Selenium, Phosphorus, Folate, Calcium, B vitamins, and much more besides.

They Boost The Immune System

Like we just mentioned, boiled eggs, and any other form of egg for that matter (apart from chocolate ones, sadly) are incredibly nutrient-dense, which is perhaps what you might expect from an article based upon boiled egg nutrition. Because they’re packed full of so much goodness, however, the body benefits in a variety of different ways, especially in regards to immunity.

The human immune system is the body’s first and last line of defense against illness and disease. When germs and bacteria manage to make their way into our bodies, our immune systems despatch white blood cells to destroy the microscopic invaders before they get the chance to cause any real damage to our bodies. The stronger our immune systems, the fitter and healthier we become, meaning the less likely we will be to suffer from illness and disease.

This is especially important for bodybuilders because missing just one training session can set them back a week or two, so the last thing a bodybuilder wants is to be laid up in bed with a horrendous cold or flu virus when they should instead be in the gym and making gains. The immune system thrives on vitamins and minerals, and as boiled eggs are packed so full of them, they’re ideal for people looking to boost their immunity.

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