Benefits of Steroids

This one is going to be a great article. Let’s discuss the benefits of steroids.

First off there is so many different benefits.

Steroids can be used to prevent muscle wasting.

They can be used to prevent arthritis.

They can be used to get rid of arthritic pain.

They can be used to help speed up recovery on an injury.

You can use them to strengthen bones, joints and muscle tissue.

You can use them to build as much muscle mass as humanly possible.

Let’s look at their benefits first in the bodybuilding community.

A few of the benefits are but not limited to increasing red blood cells, and forcing nutrients in to the muscles. Basically when you are on anabolic steroids and you do a heavy weight lifting session your body forces more nutrients into the muscles than it could without. More creatine, more vitamins and minerals, and of course more amino acids and carbohydrates.

This leads to a dramatic increase in muscle size and of course recovery meaning you can lift harder, longer, and progression will come much quicker. Some anabolic steroids increase collagen while others decrease it. If you wish to avoid a decrease in collagen simply taking an anabolic steroid that is known for increasing collagen will fix this problem and keep them at an acceptable level.

Another one of the Benefits of steroids is if you are suffering from an injury many can be used to cure or at least ease the pain and are more effective and SAFER than most pain killers.

For example a client of mine was diagnosed with cervical stenosis. Her neck pain was incredible and she was suffering, we did numerous exercises that helped ease the pain but getting rid of it completely was a huge problem, even SOMA did nothing to help. When we added the anabolic steroid Anavar to fix the problem 10mg was able to completely cover up any problems. It even helped some of the bones heal faster, her pain was completely gone and it was far less liver toxic than her NORMAL medication! Yet these are made illegal, why?

You can see now there are so many great benefits of anabolic steroid usage. The problem comes with “abuse.” There’s a lot of people out there who abuse steroids and don’t use the benefits of steroids correctly and it’s extremely frustrating for me.

I’ve seen anabolic steroids, especially anavar, be used to heal NUMEROUS conditions with great success. I’m not talking about even using it for bodybuilding here I’m talking about individuals who need it for health benefits but can’t get it down to the government and a ridiculous medical association that is living in the 1900’s.

I know people who have LOW testosterone (I’m talking lower than 12 year old girl who has not hit puberty), and I’m being 100% serious here, they’ve gone to their doctors and been refused Testosterone injections because it’s a steroid.

Yeah, forget about the fact they are getting bone problems, they can’t have erections, they have mood swings, fat problems and everything else. Yeah, forget all that!

Honestly, the benefits of steroids for things like this should not be ignored.

Now moving on, while I mentioned the benefits of steroids for bodybuilders, I haven’t for other types of strength training, Olympic lifters and powerlifters can especially benefit of steroids due to the fact they are wanting to get as strong as possible staying in a certain weight class.

They’d look to the steroids that are better for building strength than muscle mass.

Again Martial artists, MMA or traditional martial artists can all benefit from the use of anabolic steroids, allowing an increase in energy, stamina, endurance and of course strength are all positive aspects that help out ANY fighter.

Finally, these are not the only sports, baseball is FULL of steroid use, as is soccer and basketball, the reason for this is simple, they work!

Don’t let the government corrupt you, as I’ve stated numerous times before, one of my big goals in life is to help get anabolic steroids made legal to anyone over the age of 21.

The benefits of this not only on our economy but also on the health of individuals in hospitals would be dramatic in my opinion and it’s a step we simply need to take!

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