What is Olympic Lifting

Olympic Lifting is a fantastic sport and one that is getting more and more popular by the minute.

I competed at Olympic lifting at the age of 13. This was when I first began training in it. 6 months later I entered my first local competition to pick up the win, I can’t remember what my lifts were.

I was always better at the snatch than the clean and jerk, mainly because I had some problems with the jerk technique, I could clean a very weight, but not “Jerk” it. However this was fixed when I began using the Japanese jerk, and doing the “drop” down jerk, I would clean up the weight and then drop down as fast as I could with the bar over my head to pick up the win.

This worked to a T and was extremely powerful and useful for me, I really enjoyed it.

Time after time guys would tell me this was bad and I shouldn’t be doing this, despite me winning national and international championships. Guys in their 40’s who’d never succeeded would tell me I was wrong for doing this.

Unfortunately the sport of Olympic lifting is full of idiots, guys who are old and want you to fail, for a youngster it is a hard sport to get in, it’s full of drugs, and most of the guys do NOT have the best nutrition, if you fix your nutrition, you will already beat 90% of the guys in there, train correctly you will beat 95% of the guys, add in anabolics at correct safe dosages and beating 99% to 100% becomes likely.

Olympic Lifting Is a GREAT sport, but it is hard, it’s not something you can succeed in without pure dedication and hard work.

Will you be the most muscular guy in the world with Olympic lifting? No, you won’t, will you be the strongest, nope. But you will be able to represent your country and if you focus on the technique correctly and training correctly you could get to the Olympics, the world championship while your own nations flag is wrapped around you.

It is a good healthy sport, but you need to think for yourself it is full of politics and quite pathetic in that respect.

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