The Law on Steroids

The reason why anabolic steroids and performance enhancing drugs are seized is quite simple. According to the law in some countries, no individual can purchase or sell anabolic steroids without a valid and medical reason. If you do have a valid medical reason this must be supported by your local health care provider or a qualified medical physician.

It has been observed that the countries in which steroids are outlawed are usually countries where some residents have abused steroids to great extents in the past and even indulged in re-selling them to others as drug dealers, hence the action of law that has come into force. It is for these reasons that drug laws in these countries are stringent when compared to others.

Different Countries have different laws, the UK, most countries in europe, Bulgaria, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Japan, Turkey, Pakistan, India, Ukraine, Romania, Serbia, Iran, Mexico and Thailand have allowed legalization of steroids. In these countries, you can buy steroids legally. This in no way, means that you can sell them to others without a valid license. The resale of steroids without approval of the relevant authorities is illegal. It is also important to note that sale of steroids to minors is punishable by law in almost every country of the world and must be avoided at all times.

In countries such as USA, Australia, New Zealand, Denmark and Sweeden, the use and distribution of steroids is illegal but things are relatively safe and easy if you can seek advice of a medical practitioner and get steroids from the legal door. Even if you do not opt for medical advice, you can still buy steroids online but you can face the disappointment of seizure by the customs.

If you reside in one of the countries which have allowed legislation on steroids and your products have been seized, you are not breaking the law. You will receive a seizure letter which you must forward to the steroid pharmacy / re-seller with a new shipping name and address. It is important to note that you could invite legal trouble if you use the same address time and time again for receiving steroids after a seizure has happened and this is NOT AT ALL recommended. If you have had a seizure we reccommend you do not use this address for at least 45 days.

Controlled Delivery….

Controlled delivery is the technique of allowing suspect or illicit consignments of narcotic drugs or illegal substances to clear into the geographical territories of one or more countries with prior knowledge and under regulation of the competent authorities. This technique is used to identify people behind the commission of offences established under law of the land.

Controlled deliveries are a tool designed by criminal prosecution departments to identify and bring to justice violators of the law. Controlled deliveries are set up in many ways to dismantle international organized crime, trafficking and smuggling etc.

While undertaking procedures of controlled deliveries, criminal prosecution departments monitor suspicious packages that can contain narcotic drugs or illegal substances. Once suspicion is aroused, the officials usually investigate records of earlier packages to identify the point of origin and destination. Once the suspicion is confirmed, the officials arrange for a controlled delivery to the original recipient. If the package containing prohibited drugs is accepted, officials start searching for more drugs by producing a search warrant.

As a buyer of personal use amounts of steroids you are not at risk of criminal prosecution. The authorities target unauthorized drug buyers and sellers, therefore you should not deal in resale or distribution of drugs in any kind or you will face criminal prosecution.

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