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Well this is an interesting one. I noticed a few topics popping up recently focusing on Terry Crews and steroids

Terry Crews is a larger than life athlete. At the age of 44 he still looks incredibly large and lean. A former NFL (source) player, it’s common for most to be “large” or “lean” but hardly ever is it to see someone large and lean.

Credit has to be given to him. He is known for training like a beast and eating like one too!

He eats 8 meals per day and trains 5 times per week to get to the level he is currently at.

He has also had an acting career, unfortunately, he has never really got a big break and tends to play a muscular bouncer/fighter in almost every film appearance he has been in.

Now I know this question is coming what Steroids do I need to use to look as good as Terry Crews?

Well it’s not that easy, steroids are simply one part of it. Terry Crews is 60% nutrient 35% pure effort and 5% steroids.

This is how it works. When you put all of those together you can look as good if not better than Terry Crews.

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What steroids would he use?

Realistically he’s taking things such as testosterone, Human growth hormone, Deca, Possibly IGF-1, but I have to admit I’m slightly unsure on that one, and of course, Dianabol.

However, now he is acting and focusing on being as lean as possible and his stamina is not the important issue. It is quite possible he is using TREN as an extra boost when cutting, it’d hold onto his muscle mass and leave him looking lean and ripped.

His workout routine also consists of heavy compound lifts. Exercises such as the squat, Dead lift, Bench Press, Overhead press, Pull ups etc.

He is also a big fan of using chains as part of his training sessions. Though, personally, I like rubber bands to be added on exercises such as the bench press. I feel they provide a more natural and harder increase of weight at the top of the lifts. Either way he is a machine who is known for training hard.

For cardio he claims to do a lot of “sprints.” 100 yard runs as fast as he can with a 20 second break between for 10 sets of 10. Again if he was using Tren, I doubt he’d do this and it makes more sense for him to be doing some kind of “complex” based on the big lifts such as the dead lift, squat, and bench press 5 sets of 10 with a 30 second break between each exercise should suffice.

Overall, it takes hard work to get any kind of “good” physique, but the hard work is worth it. We all plan to look as good as humanly possible and of course be as healthy as humanly possible.

The commitment guys like Terry Crews put in to look the way they do is incredible. Yes some do abuse anabolic steroids, that’s a given. But it’s possible to look just as good with the use of them rather than the abuse, in fact it’s actually possible to look better.

  1. Did Terry Crews do bodybuilding?

    Yes, Terry Crews is a former NFL player turned actor who also competed in bodybuilding competitions earlier in his career.

  2. What is Terry Crews diet?

    Terry Crews has experimented with various diets throughout his career, but one of the most notable is intermittent fasting. He eats all his meals within an 8-hour window and then fasts for 16 hours afterwards. Furthermore, he emphasizes consuming whole nutrient-dense foods like lean proteins, vegetables, fruits and healthy fats in addition to staying hydrated and avoiding processed foods and added sugars from his meals.

  3. How much does Terry Crews weight?

    Terry Crews’ weight varies based on his role and fitness goals, but he usually weighs in at around 240 pounds (109 kg).

  4. Does Terry Crews have a wife?

    Yes, Terry Crews is married to Rebecca Crews. They have been together since 1989 and have five children together.

  5. Do famous bodybuilders use steroids?

    No definitive answer can be given to this question as each bodybuilder has their own individual approach and may or may not use steroids. However, many famous bodybuilders have either used or are currently using steroids – though not all do. It should be noted that using steroids has serious health risks and should only be done under medical supervision.

  6. How did Terry Crews stop his addiction?

    Terry Crews overcame his addiction to pornography through therapy and counseling. He joined a 12-step program, as well as using exercise and spirituality as tools for recovery.

  7. Does Terry Crews eat 10,000 calories a day?

    Terry Crews does not appear to consume 10,000 calories daily. While he has mentioned in interviews that he used to consume a substantial number of calories to maintain his large physique, the exact amount may have varied depending on his training regimen and objectives.

  8. Is Terry Crews A Vegan?

    No, Terry Crews is not vegan. In interviews he’s mentioned that he follows a mostly plant-based diet but still consumes meat and animal products.

  9. How many hours does Terry Crews workout?

    Terry Crews reportedly hits the gym five days a week for 90 minutes to two hours per session.

  10. Was Terry Crews in the WWE?

    No, Terry Crews never competed as a professional wrestler in the WWE.

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