Steroids and Pregnancy

Steroids and pregnancy? This question is an interesting one. I’ve had to answer this question a lot recently. The most common questions are: “Can I get pregnant while using steroids” or “If I use steroids can my wife/girlfriend get pregnant?” The other one is “I’ve been using anabolic steroids and I’m pregnant, I didn’t realize when I first started. What should I do?”

#1 Can I Get Pregnant While Using Steroids?

I’m going to try and answer all of these questions, let’s start with the first one, “Can I get pregnant while using steroids?” The answer is yes.

While steroids can stop you from getting pregnant, they are not 100% capable of doing this. A lot of girls find themselves unable to get pregnant while on Anavar for example, and while it can massively reduce your ability to get pregnant, it is also known for interfering with the pill and making it useless. I’d say its ability to decrease pregnancy is about 95% accurate, so slightly lower than birth control. The pull-out method for using condoms may be a more realistic and safe option during the steroid cycle.

#2 Can I Get My Partner Pregnant?

Question number 2 (This one is for the men) if you are on anabolic steroids can you get your partner pregnant? Yes, you can. While it does reduce the chances of pregnancy, it still happens.

I know a guy who was using testosterone over a GRAM weekly, and Deca at 800mg weekly and he’s made 2 girls pregnant while on cycle. I know numerous others who have done the same thing. So again, if you do not want children I’d look at the pull-out method or wearing a condom to prevent things as much as humanly possible.

#3 Is Steroid Pregnancy Risk-Free?

Finally, the hardest one to answer and probably the scariest one, you are pregnant but you’ve been using anabolic steroids. It doesn’t matter which you’ve used but for the sake of this article and me giving advice, we will pretend it’s Anavar.

Now a few things we need to go over, how long have you been on cycle? In all honesty, anything under 3-4 months is probably going to have NO negative effects on the child, despite what a “doctor” may tell you. The Russians and East Germans did plenty of experiments on children including injecting anabolic steroids into the wombs of the mothers – among plenty of other sick things.

Side effect wise, only in the most extreme cases were negative side effects shown or damage to the baby, and I’m talking about dosages higher than PRO bodybuilders use. Discontinue use, get a check-up and you should be fine. I hope that helps bring some relief into your life if you are worried about this.

Overall I just wanted to answer some basic questions I hope you found this helpful and a useful article.

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