Ranking the Best Natural Appetite Suppressants of 2022

Appetite suppressants can be a great option if you have an overactive appetite that is preventing you from reaching your weight loss goals. Sticking to a diet will be easier if you can suppress your appetite. What ingredients work?

To find the best appetite suppressants, our researchers looked at every option on the market. Here are our findings. Based on the performance of the product, label accuracy, and efficacy, our advisory panel and research team ranked the top health products and supplements.

Top Picks for Appetite Suppressants

#1 LeanBean

LeanBean, the most popular appetite suppressant for women, is a favorite among professional bodybuilders as well as Instagram models. LeanBean’s formula is designed to control your diet (suppressants) and accelerate your metabolism. This results in faster weight loss and increased fat burning.

All natural, vegan. We like it that way. Leanbean contains a variety of ingredients: green tea, green coffee, and turmeric. Here’s the result: The most powerful natural appetite suppressant in 2022.

#2 Zotrim

Zotrim is a well-respected appetite suppressant brand that has been around for more than 15 years. Zotrim’s main strengths are its 5 clinical trials and 10 peer-reviewed publications in scientific journals that confirm its effectiveness.

It is not only a well-known name for its long history, but it also has a patented formula and clinical evidence that Zotrim outperformed prescription drug trials. This makes it one of the most powerful appetite suppressants on the market. Take Zotrim tablets alongside a delicious weight loss drink to cut calories and boost your weight loss efforts.

#3 PhenQ

PhenQ is a great appetite suppressant because it contains a lot of caffeine. It can also be used as an “energy boost” in the morning. They are not specifically designed for women, but they work. Chromium Picolinate is an essential nutrient that can be found in this product. It helps curb sugar cravings and other carb-related issues.

Nopal is a fibrous cactus that helps you control your hunger cravings and makes it easy to avoid snacking at key times throughout the day. The most important thing about this suppressant is that it works. PhenQ is a unique diversification that makes it one of our top three picks.

#4 Powher

Powher is a premium appetite suppressant. Although it is a more expensive option, it is definitely worth the investment. The primary focus of this product is to suppress appetite. Supporting ingredients will increase your metabolism and energy levels. You will feel full until the evening with appetite-suppressing glucomannan, a soluble fiber taken from the konjac plants.

#5 Genius Diet Pills

Genius Diet Pills contain saffron extract at 88.25mg per capsule and 5-HTP, a neurotransmitter precursor. This combination combats hunger cravings from both your body and your brain.

#6 Lean XT

Lean XT includes three extracts from the A-list, along with black pepper extract, to increase absorption and effectiveness. It is a solid formula with a simple ingredient: green tea extract, forskolin, and acetyl L-carnitine.

#7 Body Saffron

Body’s Saffron delivers a precise amount of saffron extract. This product is known for its appetite-suppressant properties. It’s a great choice if you are looking for a saffron-focused product.

#8 Atrafen

Atrafen is a combination supplement that can help you lose fat and suppress your appetite. It packs a lot of different compounds in one pill. These are just some of the highlights.

#9 Jacked Factory CUTXT

Jacked Factory CUTXT Jacked Factory creates a craving control supplement using a trio of potent ingredients: saffron, 5-HTP, and vitamin B6. Although the ingredients are solid, some competitors have beaten it in terms of formulation, dosage, and purity.

#10 NutriRise Craving Management

NutriRise relies heavily on garcinia Cambogia in this formula to control hunger cravings. Although the HCA dosage is excellent, we would like to see more effective ingredients.

Category Winners

Leanbean Is the Best Appetite Suppressant

Leanbean’s potent and natural ingredients make it a popular choice for athletes. However, it is also a great option for everyday people. Leanbean not only helps to curb your appetite, but it also boosts your body’s fat-burning capabilities, which can help you lose weight faster. Leanbean is the best appetite suppressant for women. Why is Leanbean so good for women? The all-natural, natural approach to suppressing appetite without any stimulants.

Best Appetite Suppressant for Men: PhenQ

The higher caffeine content in PhenQ is beneficial for men. PhenQ is a great choice for anyone who wakes up early to exercise or rushes to get to work.

Best Appetite Suppressant for Weight Reduction with Lean XT

You need to have both appetite suppression and thermogenesis in order to lose weight. Lean XT is the best choice if you want to increase your appetite suppressant and fat-oxidizing abilities.

Genius Diet Pills Are the Best Appetite Suppressant for Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent fasting should aim to prolong the fat-burning effect of your daily fasts as much as possible. Genius’ 5-HTP and the saffron combination make it possible to extend your fasts for longer periods by suppressing your hunger pangs.

1 Body Saffron is the best appetite suppressant for seniors. Older adults are less able to handle stimulants and appetite suppressants, so simple supplements with fewer active ingredients may be more beneficial for them. An all-natural active ingredient makes 1 Body Saffron 825 such a good choice.

Who Should Purchase Appetite Suppressants?

Appetite suppressants, a subtype in weight loss supplements, target food cravings. These supplements are great for anyone who is trying to lose weight. However, there are a few people that are particularly well-suited to them:

People who overeat but are active physically. Although exercise is great for burning calories, if your appetite rises in line with your activity level, you will struggle to lose weight. An appetite suppressant is a great option for these people.

A thermogenic is a treatment that helps people who aren’t getting the results they desire. Another type of weight loss supplement is thermogenic. It is designed to increase your metabolism and target fat loss. These weight loss supplements are not recommended for people who have tried them and failed to see results. Instead, they can be used to increase food intake.

People who want to lose weight quickly. Can you lose weight with an appetite suppressant? Sure. An appetite suppressant may be helpful for athletes or people looking to lose weight quickly.

How Did We Rank?

We analyzed the vast array of appetite suppressants on the market and compiled detailed information about the most well-respected, popular, and highly-respected supplements from both the large manufacturers and smaller, but equally high-quality, manufacturers such as Genius Brand and LeanBean.

We began to narrow down the field using the following criteria, based on our list of many products. Not just fiber, but active ingredients that are powerful. We first eliminated products that used psyllium Husk or glucomannan only as their main ingredients.

These supplements can be used for their intended purpose, which is to increase fiber intake. We are not looking for dietary fiber to suppress your appetite, but we did want something more. You will likely need something stronger if you want to reduce your hunger cravings.

Safety-conscious, all-natural ingredients are our top priority. We prefer products that use safe, natural weight-loss agents over those that are laden with synthetic compounds. We also shunned any that were associated with dangerous side effects like synephrine.

We searched for the best appetite-suppressing compounds and found them. These included both mainstays such as green tea extract and white-colored kidney bean extract as well as more specific compounds such as saffron pepper and cayenne pepper.

Compounds that target the source of hunger cravings. Products like Genius Diet Pills were highly rated because they contained the neurotransmitter 5-HTP. This showed that supplement designers for these brands are acutely aware of the connection between hormones and neurotransmitters in our brains.

It is not an accident that mood attacks and food binges go hand in hand. There is a close connection between 5-HTP and your perceptions of hunger and hunger. We are looking for ingredient synergy. This means that different ingredients can work together to suppress appetite.

LeanBean’s top pick, the combination of green coffee bean extract and green tea extract, is an example of this. The green coffee bean extract does contain some caffeine. However, the anine content in green tea extract helps to suppress the appetite and blunt any negative effects of caffeine.


Appetite suppressants may be able to accelerate your weight loss. Are you still not losing weight, despite your diet and exercise? Perhaps it is time to look at a more sophisticated strategy to decrease your calorie intake. Appetite suppressants are similar to thermogenic and fat burners. They target the desire to eat.

It’s a simple equation that weight loss is achieved. If you eat it, your body will burn it. You can alter this equation to your advantage. One of the easiest ways to do so is to not eat it. This is possible with appetite suppressants.

Appetite suppressants made with natural ingredients such as green tea extract can be very effective. A scientific review paper published in 2010, examined several mechanisms that explain green tea’s weight loss benefits. It concluded that green tea can positively modulate the brain’s response to food intake. Is it possible to use it in the real world? A study has shown that green tea-based appetite suppressants can reduce food intake by as much as 8% in overweight and obese men.

5-HTP is also a powerful appetite suppressant. 5-HTP, a neurotransmitter, plays an important role in appetite control. The ability to suppress appetite after eating of controlled caloric contents has been demonstrated by 5-HTP and its derivatives. Weight loss is a good thing. A mere 5% weight loss can reduce blood pressure, and blood triglyceride levels and raise your HDL (good) cholesterol. You can lose even more weight.

Side Effects

Side effects of appetite suppressants will depend on the ingredients, but there are some commonalities. It isn’t usually a problem to eat too much. Appetite suppressants don’t seem to have the ability to reduce your desire to eat to dangerously low levels. Instead, your concerns will be directly related to the ingredients and any collateral harm they cause to your body.

Although caffeine is an effective appetite suppressant, it can also cause sleeplessness and jitters. Multi-ingredient appetite suppressants often contain caffeine. This can cause nausea, jitters, and heart palpitations in high doses or in sensitive people. Supplements that contain caffeine, but don’t indicate the exact concentration, are the real problem.

Some appetite suppressants can cause liver damage. Studies in animals have shown that supplementation can cause liver damage, while others have not found any effects. Although studies on humans have not shown any negative effects, it is worth being aware of the controversy.

Dosage Recommendations

The ingredients in the supplement will determine the ideal dose for an appetite suppressant. Green tea extract has a well-defined ideal dosage, while saffron is almost unknown in this context. Here are some guidelines:

  • Green tea: Try to consume at least 270 mg of EGCGs daily. This number is based on research on the effectiveness of green tea extract in weight loss and maintenance.
  • 5-HTP: aim for 250 mg per day. This is the recommended dosage range for 5-HTP to control appetite.
  • Glucomannan: Try to consume 1-3 grams daily. Glucomannan stimulates satiety and has been well-studied. One to three grams daily is the recommended dosage, according to a scientific review.


What is an appetite suppressant?

Appetite suppressants can be supplements that regulate your body’s hunger. An appetite suppressant modifies your body’s hormone levels and can help bring your desire to eat more in line with your energy expenditure. They can also be helpful weight loss aids for certain people.

What are the benefits of appetite suppressants?

The majority of appetite suppressants work by changing hormone levels and their response to food. For example, 5-HTP falls under this category. Simpler ingredients like fiber, psyllium shell, and glucomannan work by adding fiber bulk directly to your stomach. This triggers hormones that indicate satiety (i.e. The feeling of being full after eating large meals.

What natural appetite suppressants are there?

There are many natural sources of appetite-suppressing substances that are safe and effective. A variety of natural sources for appetite-suppressing compounds include green tea extract, green coffee bean extract, and glucomannan.

These natural plant extracts may contain caffeine but they have a greater ability to suppress appetite than caffeine by virtue of the combination of caffeine with other natural compounds like theanine.

Which appetite suppressants are most effective?

The most powerful appetite suppressants have the highest hormone levels. Although saffron is often thought to be a natural remedy for depression, research has shown that it can also suppress your appetite through its interaction with hormones in the brain. The neurotransmitter 5-HTP has the same potential to suppress appetite.

Which appetite suppressants can be safely used?

Natural compounds are safer. Simple appetite suppressants, such as psyllium fiber and psyllium kernel, have the lowest potential side effects. Green tea extract, which is not a fiber-based appetite suppressant, is an even stronger and safer option. This is a great next step if your goal is to move beyond fiber-based supplements but you don’t want side effects or less well-studied supplements.

Can appetite suppressants help me lose weight?

Yes. Appetite suppressants can help you lose weight or maintain weight loss. A weight loss supplement that suppresses appetite isn’t the most effective type of weight loss product, since it only indirectly helps you lose weight.

It does not stimulate increased metabolic turnover of fat, unlike a thermogenic or fat burner. However, it is possible to lose weight slowly and steadily if you shift your food intake to lower levels while maintaining the same energy expenditure.

Does appetite suppressants work?

Many appetite suppressant supplements can be effective in reducing hunger. One example: A 2008 study that combined capsaicin, green tea extract, and sweet pepper extract significantly reduced energy intake in a random experiment.

Which is the best appetite-suppressant herbal tea?

Green tea and yerba mate tea are two very simple and effective appetite suppressants. Both teas contain caffeine which can suppress appetite and be thermogenic. However, these teas are especially effective as they don’t induce anxiety or jitters. This is due to the synergistic activity of caffeine with other related compounds in green tea leaves and yerba mate.

When should I take appetite suppressants?

Appetite suppressants work best when taken at least an hour before eating. There is a significant lag time between the effects of any supplement and your appetite level. Therefore, taking an appetite suppressant before eating is unlikely to decrease your caloric intake.

Between taking an appetite suppressant medication and feeling its effects, you should allow at least 20 minutes. It is not a good idea to take an appetite suppressant before bed, as many of them contain caffeine-containing ingredients such as green coffee bean extract.

How often are you required to take appetite suppressants?

It is common to take an appetite suppressant 2 to 3 times daily to reduce appetite and caloric intake. It is unlikely that you will see better results if you take appetite suppressants longer than that. You may want to consider other options if you are not seeing the results you desire.

How long does it take for appetite suppressants to work?

They can have short-term effects but may take a few minutes before they make a significant impact on your hunger hormone levels. An appetite suppressant should not be expected to eliminate hunger pangs or satisfy your desire for food. You will just want less food and, hopefully, not as much.

Although the effects of appetite suppressants are slower than those of thermogenic in the short term, they can be effective in promoting weight loss. However, you will start to notice the difference within a few weeks.


An appetite suppressant is a useful tool for improving your health and losing weight. You can control your appetite with the right appetite-suppressing supplement, which will help you lose weight more effectively over time. It is easier to manage your food intake if your brain doesn’t crave more food each step.

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