Labs Pro Mass Stack: What Makes It so Different?

Mass Stack for maximum strength and muscle gains

The supplement industry is always changing and evolving, fortunately, most of these changes are for the better, and supplement companies continue to improve their products. We have had the privilege to review and try a variety of legal steroids, and have a big group of friends who are useful for the perfect test for new and upcoming products.

Flexx Labs legal steroids

Flexx Labs has just recently introduced a brand new line of legal steroids that offers men a great product that can help them pack on muscle mass with no side effects.The Flexx Labs Pro Mass Stack can give any man looking to pack on extra lean muscle a definite edge. Not only will you notice increased muscle mass, but you will also begin to break strength plateaus.

What makes the Pro Mass Stack different?

The Flexx Labs Pro Mass Stack contains two ingredients that when combined together will help you gain muscle, increase strength, and reduce fatigue during training. Anytime I am shipped a new product I am always skeptical of the results. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that another supplement company can reinvent the wheel. Yet Flexx Labs has done just that, offering a product that is more effective than many other legal steroids on the market.

Anagen XX

Anagen XX is a natural yet powerful Oxymetholone replacement, it is developed to do one thing and that is to help you increase muscle mass.

Anagen XX is scientifically formulated to help powerlifters and bodybuilders maximize muscle gains by mimicking the effects of anabolic steroids. The product serves as a catalyst for explosive muscle growth. It does this by increasing anabolic compounds in your body to help stimulate the hypothalamus and pituitary glands, increasing testosterone levels.

Dianagen XX

Dianagen XX is a safe alternative to anabolic Methandrostenolone and the second compound that was formulated to be stacked together with Anagen XX. Combining the two formulas together helps your body maintain strength and endurance by helping your muscles retain more nitrogen and increase oxygen levels to the blood supply, preventing fatigue during intense and lengthy training sessions.

Dianagen is an Oxymetholone alternative, combining both Anagen XX and Dianagen XX makes the perfect environment for maximum muscle gains and strength. For men who struggle when training major body parts such as back, legs, and chest, this is a must-have. Powerlifters will also see incredible gains and faster progression when it comes to how much they are able to lift.

Benefits of Flexx Labs Pro Mass Stack

  • Triggers explosive protein synthesis
  • Pharmaceutical grade steroid alternative
  • Quickly increase muscle mass
  • Improve strength
  • Increase energy and stamina
  • A safe alternative to anabolic steroids

How the Pro Mass stack compared to other legal steroids

When you compare the Pro Mass Stack to other legal alternatives you are getting more, the Pro Mass Stack is good for a 6-week cycle for 184.95 you 2 bottles of Anagen XX and two of Dianagen XX most legal steroids stacks are only good for a 30-day cycle.

Offers and promotions

Flexx Labs offers some great discounts including a buy 2 get one free which is enough for three 6 week cycles. We recommend a 6-week cycle, rest for 4 weeks, and then cycle again for maximum gains.

Where to buy

The Flexx Labs Pro Mass Stack is only sold from the official website. And we recommend buying directly from them to ensure you receive a genuine product. The company offers free shipping to the U.S and $4.99 to the UK and $9.99 to the rest of the world if your country is listed on the order.

Pro Mass Stack recommended dosage:

Morning dose: 3 capsules Anagen XX and 3 capsules Dianagen XX with first meal

2nd dose: 4 hours later 3 capsule Anagen XX 3 Capsules Dianagen XX with food

3rd dose: 3 capsules (Dianagen XX only) 4 hours after the second dose

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