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I was recently asked to take a look at a website called hgh.com. I have used their Somatropinne HGH product many times before, however I did not realize that the company offered so many other products besides just HGH. This is just my review , if you want to learn more please visit the official website www.hgh.com if you are a training freak like I am this company has plenty of products to help you maximize your gains both in and out of the gym.

The HGH.com website offers many good products for both men and women which include:

  • Somatropinne HGH
  • HGF Max
  • HGH 30,000 Spray
  • HGH 30,000 Pills
  • Female hormone balancer

HGH.com products are FDA certified, the facility in which their products are processed in actually exceed the FDA requirements, another thing I will mention that is not easily visible on the their website is that if you have purchased a product from HGH.com and find a similar product cheaper elsewhere they will refund you the difference, this is one feature that may be enticing to any consumer.

Male enhancement

HGH.com offers a complete line of male enhancement supplements to help men boost testosterone levels and increase endurance, they also offer a proprietary product called Maximizer Plus which has a combination of ingredients to boost overall sexual health.

Female enhancement

HGH.com offers several supplements for women to regulate and improve hormone levels, they even sell a proprietary breast supplement called Blossom Breast which improves breast firmness, reduces sagging and can slightly increase a woman’s breast size.

HGH.com carries an extensive line of supplements for weight loss, fat burning and bone growth, the website even has a diet and nutrition plan section. One thing I liked about their website is the fact that they have a live chat option, if you are not comfortable with ordering online they also have a 1-800 number you can dial to order and receive to any questions you may have about certain products.

I know one of the biggest issues many people have when training is getting their nutrition and diet just right, especially when trying to lean out or bulk up. Most pros don’t want to give up their secrets, HGH.com has professional IFBB pros available to give you all the right nutrition advice, a one month consultation costs $199.00 while it is a little pricey however one month would be enough for most of to get started on the right path, for those that have deeper pockets you may want to take advantage of some of their lengthier nutrition plans.

My thoughts on HGH.com

I like the fact that they have a live chat which was able to answer my questions, the website has variety of supplements which have quality ingredients, and while they do specialize in HGH supplements their fat burners and weight loss supplements are of really good quality which is why they boast that their products are what many IFBB pros use. All of the products sold on the HGH.com come with a no questions asked 90 day money back guarantee making it all the more reason to give HGH.com products a try.



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