Five Ways to Increase Testosterone and Accelerate Muscle Growth

Increasing testosterone is one of the single most effective ways to increase your muscle mass, strength, recovery and even drive. It burns fat, it increases power and it makes you more masculine. It’s no surprise then that just about every man and especially every athlete wants to increase it.

This is why so many guys will consider turning to steroids, despite the serious, negative health effects this can have.

And it’s quite a risky turn, especially after you understand that natural supplements with testosterone-boosting components can actually dramatically raise testosterone completely safely and legally. What’s more, there are many other strategies you can use to increase your testosterone simply by altering your lifestyle, diet, and routine. If you combine these, then the effects can be quite profound.

Here are just five effective changes you can make that will dramatically boost your own testosterone.

1 Sleep More

Tip one is simply to sleep more. If you can put in the work to get just an extra hour of sleep a night, then you’ll find that this dramatically elevates your testosterone. Why? Simply because it’s when we sleep that our bodies produce the most testosterone – this is when we’re in an ‘anabolic state’ and the testosterone is used to encourage the body to repair any tissue damage accrued throughout the day.

So if you’ve done a punishing workout that day, your body will produce testosterone and recover during the night. This is when you grow – not when you’re in the gym!

2 Shed Your Body Fat

Countless studies confirm that having excess body fat, particularly around the abs, leads to a reduction in testosterone levels.

The great news about this is that as testosterone increases, this will also further encourage the loss of yet more fat. So in other words, it creates something of a ‘virtuous cycle’. The more you lose, the more testosterone you get. The more testosterone you get, the more you lose!

3 Consume Cholesterol

As it turns out, consuming saturated fats doesn’t raise LDL cholesterol (the bad kind) only HDL (the good kind). And seeing as testosterone is made from cholesterol, this is something your body needs. Eat more eggs to see radical improvements in testosterone!

4 Use Compound Training

The simplest way to boost testosterone is to exercise. And actually, the more muscles you stimulate in a workout, the greater the anabolic response. So if you can use a multi-joint compound movement like a deadlift, you’ll actually stimulate the production of much more testosterone compared with isolation exercises using a resistance machine.

5 Reduce Alcohol

Finally, spend less time down the pub. You might think that beer makes you manly but actually it, directly and indirectly, strips you of testosterone. And beer is the very worst of the bunch. If you’re going to drink alcohol then choose a spirit like a whisky and you’ll save some of your T. That’s what a real man drinks anyway…

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