Creatine: The Supplement Everyone Should Be Taking

Natural supplements, Creatine! Can they be used to achieve the same level of muscularity as anabolic steroids? Even the most deluded individual will agree, no natural supplements can even compare to Anabolic Steroids, however they always do have a place.

Some will argue supplements only have their place for the natural individual, however, that is untrue. It is just as important, if not more important for you, the “enhanced” individual to use certain natural supplements along with your anabolic steroid cycle.

Why is this? Because most anabolics, if not all, allow for a better uptake of protein and nutrients. One of the best natural supplements you can take while either natural or the assisted athlete using anabolics is Creatine!

– I’m sure you’re taking it, and if you arent you certainly should be.

Creatine has with stood the test of time. Guys like Arnold and now Ronnie Colemon have used Creatine. What does that tell you? While on a basic steroid or even an advanced one, you can see noticeable results from using Creatine. Below I’m going to outline some basic information on Creatine. I will also tell you how you can take it to get better results than you imagined possible.

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First, let’s list the benefits of using Creatine while on a steroid cycle.

During a steroid cycle you can force more Creatine into your muscle cells. This serves two purposes. It will enlarge your muscles. You will notice your muscles will look much harder and also find you can get much more Creatine into your muscles then when you’re not on a cycle.
Not only will your muscles Look bigger, they will also feel firmer and harder. Trust me, from experience, if someone feels your arms, they’ll be awed at the boulders they now feel.

I’m sure many of you will be using post workout shakes. (And if you arent, you certainly should be!) One of my favorite post workout shakes, that really goes well with an anabolic steroid cycle is the following.

Pre Workout 60Grams of a fast acting carb drink. Lucozade, or a Gatorade, and quick acting Whey Protein around 30grams is a must. I then add 10 Grams of Creatine mono*. Anything else is throwing your money down the drain. For an explanation of why I promote Creatine mono, please see text at the bottom. Now for argument’s sake, we are going to say you are using 40mg of Dianabol. (This is what my athletes have used during this) I would then give my athlete a 10mg pill of Dianabol, and have him wait 30 minutes before hitting the weights. During this time, he’d do his stretches and warm ups. As soon as the 30 minutes was up, he’d hit the Weights properly. 45-50 minutes later, once his session was over, we’d get the exact same drink down him all over again. The only difference this time is he’d take 20mgS of Dianabol, rather than 10mg.

His pump would last longer, and we noticed better strength gains than usual on this. I’ve since tried it on 15 other athletes, and every time we’ve had better results than without the Creatine. Obviously, this isn’t the ONLY variable to making this effective. But this is the main “key” part to it.

You should also be getting 10g of Creatine mono as soon as you wake up and 5g with every meal.

Here’s a quick look at how I’d recommend doing it.

Morning upon waking up- 10G of Creatine mono
Meal 2 Creatine mono 5G
Pre workout shake 10G Of Creatine 10mg dianabol
Post workout shake 10G Of Creatine 20mg dianabol
Meal 3 5mg of Creatine
Meal 4 5mg Creatine
Before bed 5mg Creatine

Now I know this is a HUGE amount of Creatine, but let’s face it, Creatine is quite cheap, and you will see fantastic results from this.

We usually do this for the full amount of time the cycle lasts– Usually a 12 to 16 week cycle.

I’m am not kidding – You will see some kick ass results from this. Far better than if you just used steroids alone. We usually see an extra 4 to 6lbs of muscle per cycle just by adding this alone!

Creatine is a strong and powerful supplement on it’s own (if used correctly). It only makes sense you’d get even better results if you used it with anabolic steroids.

Below i’m going to give you a cycle that I’ve used with my athletes time and time again, and seen fabulous results from. I’ve used this on the Average Gym Rat all the way to Pro Athletes and I’ve been happy with the results, as have my trainees.

12 week cycle

What you will need:
Testosterone Enanthate
Deca Durabolin
And of course, Creatine

So heres how the cycle will look:

Week 1-16 Testosterone Enanthate 600mg Weekly.
Dianabol 1-8 40mg Daily.
Deca Durabolin 400mg Weekly week 1-12

If you follow the instructions I’ve given you above, you will see a lot of great results. A few things I might at: The athletes on this were at the minimum training with weights, five times per week, and usually 6 times per week. I appreciate some of you can’t do this, and even if you can’t, you will still see better results than if you were just using the steroids alone.

Creatine really is a great supplement if used correctly. The key is knowing how to use it, when to use it, and how to manipulate it. But if you do it right expect some kick ass results!

Unfortunately, we live in a time where tons of bad and useless supplements get thrown in our face we tend to ignore the ones that actually work.

Creatine does work!

  • I recommend Creatine Mono over other types of Creatine like Creatine Ethyl Ester, and the like, because, while you may see many websites promoting how it stops the “bloat” it literally, in my experience, does nothing. There’s now been numerous studies also showing how creatine monohydrate is better, and much better, at that. A simple good search can find you these studies. With this in mind, and my own experiences, I’ve just seen it as a waste of money. Creatine mono is cheaper. it works better. Real life pros use it. Athletes use Creatine.
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