Bodybuilding Myths

If you’re really into the fitness world or into the sport of bodybuilding it’s probably because you started training in high school to look good and get the girls, now it’s a part of your lifestyle and your dream is to look like a Greek God or even a Monster if that’s what you want.

Now, you’ve probably read a few bodybuilding magazines or even came across fitness related articles in bodybuilding websites, some of the tittles on these magazines or websites usually look or read like this: “Get ripped to shreds in one month!” “Put an inch on your arms in one week” “Eat anabolic to look anabolic” “How to get legs like Mr. Olympia” “Mr. Olympia’s daily meal plan”

Now, these tittles apart from being funny are pretty much full of junk (Nice way of putting it) come with the crappy content to go along with them, if you do some research you will find articles with similar tittles and with similar content that at the end of the day says nothing! Just because the article says Mr. Olympia eats eggs, oatmeal and chicken and rice year round it doesn’t mean that he really does, in fact most of the interviews from popular bodybuilders in the magazines didn’t even happen, the writers just typed in generic content such as “Yeah, I train each bodypart twice a week” or “ I do 30 minutes of cardio in the morning and then I’ll do abs” all this information is what we call Bro Science.

This information that has been used over and over in the fitness world and is now considered completely true even though it is pure bull, here are a few myths that are false but that the newbie fitness population thinks is true, if you already know these congratulations, you know your stuff but if you thought these myths were true then I guess you need to start taking notes.

Train every body part twice a week

This blew my mind when I read it on the bodybuilding magazines, now, think about it, how are you going to train legs, chest, back, shoulders and arms twice a week? Even if you somehow manage to find the time to work out twice a day this is just counterproductive, the muscle grows when it’s resting! If you’re training chest on a Monday and then again on a Wednesday you won’t allow it to heal properly and it won’t grow, if a bodypart is giving you trouble because it won’t grow all you have to do is train it harder on the day it needs to be trained, train hard and train heavy!

You need steroids to get a good physique

Unless you want to be Mr. Olympia you don’t need steroids, steroids only intensify what you already have, if you don’t have the work ethic to kill yourself every time you’re inside the gym and then stuff your mouth with food after you’re done then don’t complain that you have crappy genetics and that you need steroids to look big, I’ve seen a good amount of people who train 30 minutes at the gym, eat chicken and rice all day and take steroids to “Look good” and they aren’t heavier than 180lbs, if you want something work for it, Mr. Olympia’s didn’t always have 60 inch chests or 23 inch arms, they were mortals once!

Chicken and rice will make you big

No, just no, a basic diet consists of proteins, carbohydrates and fats, if you eat chicken and rice all the time your body won’t get the calories it needs, you need real food to get big, if you want to get as huge as a house then eat beef, rice, vegetables, pastas, seafood, sushi etc. your diet needs to be diversified but you need to make up for at the gym, so unless you’re competing you don’t need to starve yourself to death, have a burger or pizza on the weekend, It won’t kill you, in fact if will make you look fuller and therefore bigger.

Lifting smart

Smart lifting is very important, you need to take care of your muscles and joints if you want to be lifting at 70 but you need to always be on the edge of your workouts, lift heavy and always try to lift heavier, avoid the machines and use compound movements such as bench press, deadlift, squat, shoulder press etc. basically any exercise involving free weights (Dumbbells and Barbells), don’t be afraid of the weights, let the weights fear you. So don’t believe everything you read online or in the magazines, using a fancy piece of equipment won’t make your arms bigger just like eating with a clock next to you won’t make you more anabolic, read, think and then act.

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