5 Ways to Choose the Best Protein Powder to Gain Muscle Mass Rapidly

Generally, to gain muscle mass you must keep your protein intake high. A great rule of thumb to count protein amount is to multiply your current weight by 1.5. Once you got the result, you could split your protein need into five or six meals over the flow of the day.

For anybody who is a newbie to this five or six meals idea, the notion of consuming 6 chicken breasts a day or 8 egg whites per meal seems like a intimidating work.

However, there is an alternative to eat 6 whole food protein sources each day that is guaranteed to bring just as great as results. This alternative is to engulf two or three protein powders in the form of a protein shake.

It should be obvious that adding a good protein powder in your diet is very worthwhile in ingesting your everyday protein requirements.

Yet, the intricate task is trying to choose a GOOD protein powder which will help to muscle gain and at the same not break your credit card.

In this article, we bring you 5 ways to choose a good protein powder:

Ways to Choose Best Protein Powder to Gain Muscle Mass

  1. Mass Gainer versus Protein Powder

First of all, you have to clearly realize that not all protein powders are produced equally. Some protein powders are known as mass gainers. What is mass gainer? A mass gainer is typically a protein powder which includes proteins, carbs and fats. Even though these three sources of nutrients are required in a diet, when choosing a good protein powder you should never buy a mass gainer if you only need a protein powder.

In other words, when picking a protein powder ensure it has the following:

  • Low Fat (1-5 grams)
  • Low Carb (1-5 grams)
  • High Protein (normally about 20-30 grams for each serving)
  1. The Test Of Time

Another crucial factor to remember when choosing a good protein powder is to figure out how long the company or protein product has been sold on the market. The rule of thumb is only to consider products which have been on the market for at least 3 years and also received many positive reviews.

Generally, when a protein product lasts this duration of time it is mainly due to its quality product so people keep on to buy because it really works.

  1. Natural And Pure Powders

Basically, the quality of a protein powder is much more important than the quantity of protein powder. Make sure to see the label when choosing a protein powder to find out that it doesn’t include more than seven or ten ingredients. Moreover, try to find a protein powder which have more natural ingredients.

When picking a good protein powder it is also significant to never been attracted by advertisements which say it has “added ingredients” which will boost even more muscle growth.

Some protein supplement companies utilize a nasty trick in which they would add an extra ingredient which might be helpful in helping more muscle gain. However, the amounts of these ingredients are in fact not enough to boost a substantial difference.

  1. Concentrate, Isolate Or Casein

Other thing that should be considered seriously is to choose to which kind of protein is the best to consume.

There are 3 types of protein powder popular on the market today.

Whey Protein Concentrate

This is a great source of protein powder which is absorbed at a moderate pace. Generally protein concentrate is suitable to be included for your diets between meals.

Whey Protein Isolate

Whey protein isolate is much quickly absorbed in the body and is recommended to be consumed immediately after you do an exercise or a workout to bring more proteins and amino acids into the starving muscle cells.

Protein Casein

This has the longest digestion period, much more than protein concentrate and protein isolate. Bodybuilders usually consume this kind of protein powder as their last meal before getting to sleep because it brings a constant flow of amino’s throughout the night while you are sleeping.

  1. Stay Away From The Hype

Protein supplements companies are notorious for exaggerating up their own products with excessive claims and promises. Just DO NOT buy into this hype which usually price their products much more expensive and outside what you actually need to pay.

Please take the time to carefully compare ingredients, the company track records and do not let the hype affect your buying decision.

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