5 Tips You Can Use For Faster Gains

Most of us when set out for the gym, would like to see those huge gains in muscle mass we often see on the internet or TV. Achieving this goal is not as easy as it seems, yet some of us are very impatient to see those intense gains overnight.

To achieve this goal, you don’t have to follow some drastic diet plan or keep fluctuating the weights you are lifting. Everything has to be done in proper order so that you may not risk your health and reach your goal without the expense of any injury.

Even though the professionals are trying to find ways and methods to get the best results in the shortest time possible, still, unfortunately, some may not get what they wanted. That’s not because you are not doing well in the gym, that’s probably because you have not planned your program accordingly. Before you start any workout planone thing is of foremost importance. Your diet is the main part of the equation if you don’t eat healthy your all workout would be good for nothing.

Don not get confused and overwhelmed by that excess of information available. The only thing you need to know is, as to what sort of exercises you are going to do, what would your strategy to get going and for how much time you are going to get the break in between your workout session.

If you follow the plan strictly you will surely reach your destination. Let us give you some professional tips for your faster and intense gain in a really short time. So here we begin;

Increasing body weight workouts

While in the gym, your first focus should be on body weight exercises. Increase the intensity of the exercises to your maximum capacity. These body exercises will help you a lot in achieving what you want. The exercises mentioned below will assist you in not only marinating your physique but will also increase your strength stamina and endurance.

  • Squat jumps
  • Burpees
  • Jumping jacks

Try doing as many repetitions as you can with 10 seconds break in between.

Keep increasing weights and reducing reps

It is medically proven that lifting heavy weights helps a lot in gaining muscle mass and even toned body. Increasing weights by 5% and reducing reps by 2 will not only get you through the workout sessions swiftly but will also let you gain an astounding physique in just a few weeks. The power lifting will let you burn your calories alongside building your muscle into a rock-solid substance. If in your knowledge you think that you have gained enough strength then, start increasing weights. For instance, if you are lifting 200 pounds for 10 reps then, increase the weight up to 210 pounds and reduce reps by 2.

Use the kettlebell

To increase your muscle gain to a drastic level, you must use the kettlebell. They have been proven to increase energy and strength at an explosive rate. The not only assist in boosting stamina but also help in the long run energy and endurance. The kettlebell will be an agent to take you to what you want. Try kettlebell swings from the least number of 10 repetitions and aim at raising it up to 200.

Drop sets

Don’t find an easy way out when you are at the gym. Put your body and muscles into full fatigue. The drop sets will make you able to do that. These would increase your stamina and strength both at a phenomenal rate.

Start from your normal weight and reduce the weight by 20% and stop one step short of failure. Try doing as many sets as you can before resting. These sets will you have the taste of incredible stamina and strength alongside building stronger and sounder muscle mass.


The sole purpose of the supersets is, when you are performing an exercise for on muscle group the other would be at a complete state of rest. This will allow you to push your body to the limits and will allow you to develop the type of body you always wished for. The super sets are simple and easy to perform. Take an example of bench press, followed by lunges. Do at least 8 reps of each then swiftly move to another.

It must be kept in mind that your workout will only do you good if you stick to the plan strictly and do not miss hitting the gym. Discipline is of foremost importance in achieving the desired results. Diet greatly contribute towards your health and will have the direct impact on your workout. If you don’t maintain a healthy lifestyle your all efforts will go in vein. For the best and faster gain in energy and muscles maintain a good diet and avoid unhealthy junk food.

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