4 Great Benefits Of Protein Shakes

What is a Protein Shake?

Currently, the sports supplement industry is doing better than ever and is one of the most highly competitive and highly lucrative industries on the face of the earth. When we think of sports supplements, one supplement that immediately springs to mind is protein powder, particularly whey protein. Protein shakes are incredibly popular, and whey protein concentrate is the most popular sports supplement in the entire world. Protein shakes are beneficial for so many reasons, and are certainly designed for uses other than building as much muscle as possible. Here’s a look at 4 great benefits of protein shakes.

  1. They’re Convenient
    One of the best benefits of protein shakes is the fact that they’re so incredibly convenient. For people trying to increase their protein consumption, consuming 20 – 30 grams of protein per sitting can be tricky, especially if time is against you. With a protein shake however, you simply add the powder to the liquid, give it a good shake/mix, and drink up. A protein shake is able to deliver 20 – 30 grams of protein per time, making them perfect for long journeys, for post-workout nutrition, or for times when you can’t be bothered to cook up a couple of chicken breasts or tuna steaks.
  2. They Promote Muscle Growth
    Of course, one of the main benefits of protein shakes is the fact that they promote lean muscle growth. When we lift weights, we don’t build muscle at all, we actually destroy muscle. We build muscle when we rest and recover, providing our bodies have enough proteins and amino acids to rebuild and repair the muscles even bigger and stronger than they were before. Protein shakes provide just the right balance of essential nutrients required by the body to initiate protein synthesis and to begin building new lean muscle.
  3. They’re Great for Post-Workout Recovery
    People think that protein shakes are designed only to be used by huge bodybuilders that are looking to get even bigger and build more muscle than humanly possible. In actual fact, however, protein shakes are beneficial for absolutely anybody who engages in any sport or physical activity in the slightest. When we exercise and exert ourselves physically, once we get home and relax a little, we find ourselves feeling tired and aching. We wake up aching even worse and feel tense and stiff for a few days. This is because we’ve damaged our muscles during the exercise. Protein shakes are ideal because they help the body to recover at a much quicker rate, which means less pain for you.
  4. They Help You Burn Body Fat
    Another great benefit of protein shakes is the fact that they’ve been proven to help increase the metabolism, and therefore help us to burn more body fat as a result. Protein is a thermogenic compound, which basically means that it’s harder for the body to digest and breakdown. Because of this, the body has to work harder than usual and so it burns more calories and increases the metabolism. Over time this can permanently boost your metabolism the longer you consume it for. This not only burns more calories, but as it generates more energy, you become more physically active and burn even more calories still, making protein shakes idea for weight management.
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