3 Signs Your Muscle Mass Building Plan Never Works

One of the craze of today`s men is to build a body that is strong and which can differentiate them from others. In order to get their dreamed body shape, they go through different supplements, exercises, diet plans and many more.

After a period of struggle and hectic routine some of them succeed in getting their dreamed body whereas others are left with a negative result about their mass building plan. If you are among those who are left with a negative result after a period of hard efforts, you need to read this article which describes 3 signs your mass-building plan won`t work.

Here is described the reasons of negativity that emerges after you start following some body-building plan. You can search internet anytime and there you can find free programs regarding training of body builders.

These programs aim to add-mass-fast and pack-on-pounds. Some strength programs may be effective but some of them may lead you to the wrong path which gives poor results. So it is very important to know some things offered by size training programs. Keep in mind the following three red flags of any program to prevent wastage of your time and to start getting big gains.


First sign among 3 signs your mass-building plan won`t work is lack of enough sets for the required exercise. Volume in this heading means number of sets that are performed with respect to some given exercise, while you start thinking to move on to next exercise.

In hypertrophy programs, on the lower end there should be rest intervals and the performer should perform many sets to ensure that his muscles get really fatigued. If you are performing only 3 or 4 sets of 8 to 10 reps , you are doing nothing as it will not cut it down for the gains you need. Another important thing is motivation. If you experience continuous failures, don’t take it as an indication that you can never do it.

This is wrong. You need to be mentally prepared for any results. If you fail don’t be de-motivated and do it again from the start. A recommended idea is to increase number of sets performed with intermittent rest-periods. Cumulative-volume of these intermittent sets will results in positive results for your efforts. This is the reason why GVT (German-volume-training) and 8×8 training systems are very effective as compared to others.


Second sign among 3 signs your mass-building plan won`t work is use of many exercises at once. If you focus is completely on body workouts, then you can never reach optimization of your hypertrophy. In order to build body, you need to be trained like body builders.

Although there are many body-training methods that strength gains and add size but if you are after some straight bulk, you are doing it wrongly. Minus some modifications to the pairings of muscle groups (like back & biceps, back & quads etc) good trainees are aware of the fact in order to lift volume without any sacrifice, they have to increase cross-sectional area of the specific muscles.


Third sign among 3 signs your mass-building plan won`t work is heavy lifting than the level required. Size training and strength training have many similarities but they do have many differences. Heavy weight training may block sarcoplasmic hypertrophy. It may also result in restriction to voluminous increase in muscle size, the thing that people often seek.

Heavy lifting can put-on muscles but systems like 8×8 and GVT work do it quite well due to rate of the perceived exertion & fatigue levels the muscles and body go-through while doing them. Due to low rest intervals, muscles get fatigued and light-weight begins to feel heavy. Training methods for example drop-sets, tempo, rest pause and ladders training are simple but great ways for getting fatigued-muscles without any heavy lifting.

Lifting too often and too heavy can exhaust CNS (central-nervous-system) which is not at all good news for those who seek to gain size. You need to find proper balance like alteration of heavy week with high-volume week. This is helpful as it will never result in any property getting compromised.

There are a number of supplements available in the market today which are proved to be effective in getting muscles gain . But if you purchase any of these you will check that all of these are to be taken along with a proper schedule of training and diet plan.

Alone taking of those supplements cannot be effective. One more thing if you are taking supplements you must take them in prescribed quantities. Overuse or underuse causes negative effects. So a balanced supplements intake along with balanced exercise and diet plan can help you make your mass building plan an effective one.

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