Steroids and Detox

Believe it or not, our body is attacked by toxins in the air we breathe and the food and beverages we eat and drink. It is important to note here that these toxins, taken in the body unknowingly, can stay for quite a while to make it sick in many ways. This is exactly why detox (or detoxification) process needs to be followed from time to time for ensuring healthy, normal, and balanced growth & development of the body. Some of the worst affected body organs and parts affected by the harmful toxins are lungs, blood, colon, and the liver. A good body detox program including specific diet plans or herbal supplements can do wonders for not only protecting these body parts and organs but also for promoting the energy levels and reducing body weight.

Steroid users tend to get affected with these toxins more than others as use of harsh or aromatizable steroids can put them at a higher risk of ingesting toxins than people not on steroids. Let us now read about detoxification, benefits of detoxification, and how you can start your own detox diet to stay fit and healthy.

What is Detoxification?

In the world of health care, detoxification or body cleansing is a form of treatment under the category of alternative medicine that is used to prevent or eliminate the presence of harmful toxins present in the atmosphere. These toxins can exert negative effects on an individual’s health and can be easily avoided by the detoxification (purifying) process. If you want to detox your body, you need to minimize the consumption of food and beverage products that are high on saturated fats, caffeine, sugar, and alcohol. It is highly recommended to avoid canned foods and food products served in unhygienic conditions.

Some benefits of body detoxification are as under:

  1. Prevention or elimination of harmful toxins from entering the body
  2. Removal of harmful body system waste
  3. Regulation of metabolism
  4. Improved appetite and good sleep
  5. Blood purification and reduced high cholesterol
  6. Proper digestion of food and alleviation of constipation
  7. Inhibiting growth of cancers and bloating
  8. Cleansing of colon, bowel, stomach, and intestines
  9. Increased protection from diseases
  10. Improved blood flow
  11. Enhanced feeling of alertness
  12. Promotion of Cardiovascular and Digestive Health

How can you start your own Detox diet?

  1. You need to feed yourself with a nutritive diet that must include fresh and organic fruits and vegetables and around 8-10 glasses of water per day and at regular intervals.
  2. Try adding vitamins rich in antioxidants in form of food products high on Alpha Lipoic Acid/Q10 coenzyme and Choline. You can even add sugar-free tea (preferably green tea) or lemon juice to your detox diet.
  3. If you can follow a vegetarian diet, you will be helping yourself and the detox cause in significant ways.
  4. You can even opt for body detox supplements that are based on natural cleansing herbal formulas for cleansing the body and offering support to the body for flushing out “unwanted” waste materials such as toxins.

This detox diet plan is equally effective for all, even those at a higher risk of ingesting toxins such as steroid users.

We hope that this piece of information on Detox was useful to you in endless ways.

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