Anabolic Steroid Cycles

Ah, what are the best anabolic steroid cycles? What are the worst? Some silly questions we receive daily and extremely hard to answer. For example, a steroid cycle that is great for me may be horrible for you and your goals. If I give you a bulking cycle and your goal is to cut weight you are hard likely to appreciate it, are you? So below I’m going to give you some of the most effective anabolic steroid cycles.

Before continuing on I normally receive messages asking me where can I buy all of the stuff you mentioned in your article!!!

For this purpose I am going to post a direct link to where you can purchase all the anabolic steroids mentioned here directly below I hope this helps!

This one is a basic testosterone dianabol cycle.

This is for anyone who is intermediate. You will run Testosterone for 12 weeks and dianabol for 6 weeks, testosterone will be ran at 500mg weekly while dianabol will be ran at 40mg daily.

Follow this up with a good pct and you can expect to see around 8-12lbs of muscle gains in little to no time at all.

Another one of the great anabolic steroid cycles for those of you a bit more advanced is the testosterone, anadrol, deca cycle.

This one is no joke, anadrol will be used for the first 4 weeks to kick start this cycle.

The cycle will last 18 weeks in total with testosterone being ran for 18 weeks and deca for 16. Anadrol for the first 4.

Anadrol is the most powerful oral steroid out there and it is shown to be able to add up to 2LBS (yes you heard me right, TWO FULL POUNDS!) of body weight per day! For the first 2 to 3 weeks.

You can expect to see some simply fantastic results from this and the strength gains will be nothing short of remarkable. Again, this is not for the novice and can have some harsh side effects if you are to abuse it! However use it correctly and you will be absolutely huge, and the strength gains will make you a mini “hulk.”

Now moving on to another anabolic steroid cycle this one is a common favourite anabolic steroid cycles it is the famous “cutting cycle” of the early 90’s




Human growth hormone

And clen

By mixing those 5 together you will see results that are absolutely incredible, the testosterone and anavar will stop you losing any muscle and the anavar will actually help slightly with the fat loss, while the clen growth hormone and masteron will make you tight lean and ripped.

Of course I am also assuming you have your diet in check, none of these will do anything for you if you have a TERRIBLE diet as many people do. But if your diet is not in check you shouldn’t even be looking at any anabolic steroid cycles.



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