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The debut movie of Mozez Singh has an interesting scenario with the representation of a determined young man who comes in city in searching of the job. This story is uneven but the interesting drama has the informative title “Zubaan”. Busan Films present this movie the introduction as a director and this banner has claimed to give the huge entertainment. We decided it after watching the movie.

With its starting the young Punjabi man Dilsher (Vicky Kaushal) who is drama actor also leaves Delhi for searching the occupation. And he gets job in the company of Gurcharan Sikand (Manish Chaudhari). Skind also belongs to his village and he gives his wise advised him to keep on fighting which makes him a man when he get a hold by beaten up some local bullies.

After this, he has appointed him on his security the Dilsher (hero) at the same time saves and humiliate successor obvious Surya by resolving a labor quarrel and holds the attention of Sikand. When he is in his dream house his siblings are not happy with his daddy that why he loves so much to dilsher than them. It’s about for getting him out of his fear. Actually, Dilsher loses his faith and make his journey get rid of fear.

The musical based story has scripted by Thani and Sumit Roy and not a social critic. Dilsher is also the son of the musician who has lost his hearing power while in tragedy. Not capable of singing, his father’s early death left Dilsher with hopeless with all things musical. Amira bucks up him and said he has sung in his blood. Even first half of this movie looks like to have the triangular axis, as the second half demonstrates the Vicky Kaushal’s outstanding journey of understanding his dreams and zeal.

The movie producer Guneet Monga is done his work delicately and he also produced the “lunch box”. And people have much hope for this upcoming movie which is based on the struggling life of a man. This film circles around the Dilsher who is trying hard to struggle with his anxiety. The music is the basic and main theme of this movie and it may soulful for you. Now you want to know how he overcomes his fear and is he gets happiness for him.  


“Zubaan” is a drama based story and the struggling story of a musician’s life. The title of this story is different from others commercial movies of India. Zubaan has a great story line and the real struggle of a man who want to see him a successful musician. All the actors are doing solid acting.


We give here the trailer of this film “Zubaan” we hope you like it.

Star cast:

  • Raaghav Chanana as Surya Kapoor Sikand
  • Sarah-Jane Dias as Amira
  • Vicky Kaushal as Dilsher
  • Raj Sharma as Tulsiram
  • Guneet Monga
  • Manish chaudary
  • Meghna Malik
  • Mozez Singh (Director)

Release date:

This film has been Releasing on 4th march 2016 in india.


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