What is Red Nose Day?

Red Nose Day falls on Thursday this year. Its purpose is to eradicate child poverty by collecting charity and spreading awareness. However they work for kids in the U.S. and other countries of the world.

When was the Red Nose Day launch?

The NGO named Comic Relief performs comedy to bring money for deprived people. The launching of the Red Nose Day in the United Kingdom was in 1988. Ever since then, this day has raised further than $1 billion internationally. Organizers of the movement are asking people to raise charity in their societies by doing something humorous for funds. By using the Red Nose Day app or adding noses to snaps on social media handles to raise awareness of the zillions of young families living in poverty throughout the world.

In U.S. Red Nose Day launched in 2015 and has ever since got funds of $60 million. These funds have helped kids and adult people in all 50 federations, along with 25 other countries.

The U.S. style of the occasion is now plan by Comic Relief for the third time. The version will be celebrate this Thursday night. NBC has trusted on verified charity raising techniques from its British corresponding part. Red Nose Day sponsors purchase red foamic noses at Walgreens and Duane Reade. They plan events and contribute money throughout the show. The celebration will start at 8 p.m.

What the official website says about the campaign?

The movement is “dedicated to raising money for children and young people living in poverty by simply having fun and making people laugh.”

The hilarious idea for raising awareness about the subject was bring by Jane Tewson and Richard Curtis. They are the author and director of TV and movies comprising, Love Actually, Four Weddings and a Funeral and Notting Hill and etc.

According to Red Nose Day website, it was not that easy to spread the campaign to over 60% of Americans recognition by just its name. “We’re taking the best practices in the UK — incredible partnerships, including our broadcast partner, NBC, and Walgreens —to fashion Red Nose Day here,” Janet Scardino CEO of Comic Relief  said “We’d like it to become a national holiday of giving.”

The celebration tonight:

The event will start with a celebrity version of “American Ninja Warrior,” for the first time celebrities will face the famed problem sequence and all for donations. The ninjas take in Erika Christensen ,Nikki Glaser and Nick Swisher. Later, Julia Roberts joins Bear Grylls for a exceptional “Running Wild with Bear Grylls for Red Nose Day”. shw will distribute vaccines to kenya. Finally, Chris Hardwick will hosts the “Red Nose Day Special.”