YouTube cuts ties with Logan Paul after controversial video

Logan Paul, the 22 years old star is no longer connected to YouTube. The site has cut all the ties with Logan Paul after a video he uploaded. He filmed a video laughing and joking beside a dead boy.

Logan Paul, Youtuber having more than 15 million subscribers is no longer tied with Youtube. Forbes magazine estimated he made about $12.5M (£9.3M), making him the one of the highest-paid YouTube star in 2016.

The controversial star said in the consequences of the video that he did not expect to forgiven for his shameful act. But he is very ashamed of his act. The star removed himself from YouTube and Twitter after posting that apology. He hasn’t posted any video after that.

YouTube has decided to remove Logan Paul from its Preferred program, which gives companies the ability to put ads next to the site’s most popular content creators. The site also said that it won’t make any films with Mr. Paul for now.

What actually happened?

The video of the controversial star showed that Mr. Logan Paul undertaking a risky journey into the Aokigahara Forest the popular site of the suicide. The video showing that when he and his friends came across the body of a man who had attempted a suicide and they were filmed laughing and joking beside the dead body.

A huge number of negative reaction by a large number of people overflowed at Mr. Logan Paul as well as at YouTube for allowing the video to be uploaded. But in the end, the video was removed by Mr. Paul’s channel by someone in control of his channel.

YouTube said that they have decided to remove Logan Paul’s channels from Google Preferred and it would work harder to discuss it with the community who uses the site future.

The 15 million subscriber’s Youtuber Mr. Paul posted an apology to Twitter. He said in the written apology that his intention was to raise awareness for suicide. He posted this after the video was removed.

The company said that the actions of one creator can affect the entire community. So they are taking steps so that video like this never circulated again.

The company also said that they will not feature Logan in season four of ‘Foursome’ and his new Originals are on hold.
Logan Paul’s YouTube and other social channels are locked down. He said that he would not be vlogging for a short period of time.

The channel of Logan Paul is still available on YouTube with its more than 15 million subscribers and only ordinary advertisers can place ads on the page now.