Ajay Holbrook is an ambitious 21-year-old bodybuilder. Looking at Ajay, it’s impossible to say this young man was once born as a female.

The bodybuilder started to take hormonal therapy around 5 years ago. Ajay told he had always wanted to change his gender and dreamed about becoming a professional bodybuilder. Even being a girl, Ajay Holbrook was interested in the sport. However, after transferring into a man at the age of 16, the sportsman started to set serious goals in bodybuilding.

Currently, Holbrook is working hard to improve his shape and to look bulkier. He is daily inspired by stories of great bodybuilding legends and just like they did, the young bodybuilder dreams to put his name among winners of Olympia.

Ajay didn’t dare to dream about Olympia before. However, soon after the sportsman started strength training and noticed great improvement and changes in his body, Ajay decided to make the sport more than just a hobby. Now the bodybuilder’s schedule includes hard daily workouts and regular high-protein meals. He also tries to relax and sleep as much as it’s necessary for the effective recovery of muscles.

Ajay’s friends and his coach support the sportsman’s desire to reach great results in bodybuilding and to take part in the Olympia competition once.

Perhaps, Ajay will get a real chance to take part in professional bodybuilding competitions like Olympia. Holbrook is not the only transgender who decided to connect his life with bodybuilding. However, he has a chance to become the first winner of Olympia who has changed his gender, if his dream comes true.

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🕊Starting to see some serious improvements in my physique which is dope because I’ve been busting my ass extra hard lately and taking this picture I literally looked twice like holy shit..that is actually me. 😭 Often times I have positive moments of disassociation with my body where I am just so grateful I cannot believe what Im seeing is actually a picture of me like it just doesn’t feel real. I know I worked for this, but I can’t even express how much I appreciate my body, mind, and all of the struggles that have made me who I am. – • Im mainly doing this for myself but also for the LGBT/Trans community. I want y’all to remember how the bodybuilding community laughed at me when my story got published and of course it hurt, but know I have used that as fuel ever since… I promise you even if they don’t like me..they will respect me. 🥇 • #bodybuilding #bodybuilders #greekgod #shredded #mixedmen #modelswanted #lamodels #shreddedlife #shred #fitfam #fitnessmotivation #fitmen #malemodels #transgender #transition #transman #ftm #ftmfitness #fitguys #bodybuildinglifestyle #simeonpanda #arnoldschwarzenegger #arnoldclassic #mrolympia #naturalbodybuilding #nike #goldsgym #workhard #crushgoals #betterbytheday

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