Yo-Kai Demo
(Credits : Youtube)

Yo – Kai Demo is giving a great chance to people for exploring more ways and different track to series.  In the updated eShops, the demo for Yo- Kai is on front shelves of all stores. The demo is going to run in North America on 30 September. The demo is based of experiencing the feelings of players in different conditions. Yo- Kai the main character of game is handled by different players. Player has to watch out the abrupt behavior which will take place in Harrisville. In running of Demo player has also option to go for watch bluster mood, which come on later stage. These Yo-Kai Bony spirit and fleshy souls will be available on Nintendo 3DS on 30 September, 2016. It will be a huge experience for people who are crazy for it.

In demo, people will be able to explore more stages of series, which will come in advance level. The whole set is located and designed in Harrisville. It’s a type of village view, giving a sense of meeting with our grandparents. Now in Harrisville there is parental house of hero and heroine of the game. This whole view is giving a chance to know more about battling system and get more information about the background of game, which enables to go for advance stage called “Blasters mood”. At this stage the player is supported by addition of four helpers which can easily grip Yo-Kai. Now more players will help out top save more Oni Orbs ignoring Oni.


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