Yelawolf – Daylight Song Review has added on to the popularity of this underground rapper. Yelawolf born into a small town has reached the pinnacle of success in the year 2011.With his debut album Creekwater in the year 2005, Yelawolf had begun his journey in this world of rap music. Since then he hasn’t looked back. His journey of music has been spectacular and quite outstanding.


His last year release ‘To Whom It May Concern’ had left a huge impact on its fans so much so that the expectations have increased a lot since then. This time, he has come with a single lead called The Daylight which resonates and reflects upon his life events. It is released in the form of visuals. The melancholic track with its sad notes and tunes is expected to be appreciated and liked by his fans. It brings an amalgamation of country and hip hop, something he has tried experimenting with.

Yelawolf – Daylight Song Review delivers a brief idea of what one can expect from the latest release, but music can be enjoyed best when you hear it. The video needs to be watched and enjoyed. Accompanied by his steel guitar and bottle of whiskey Yelawolf brings this perfect mix of country and hip-hop in the best visual display.


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