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Yeh LaaL Rang is upcoming Bollywood movie that directed by Syed Ahmed Afzal who is also the director of youngistan.  This movie has expected much by their makers now this is the matter of concern that how it will win your hearts.

Actually Yeh Laal Rang is social thriller film and team up with Randeep Hooda and Piaa Bajpai. The movie is all about the current issue of blood theft and blood mafia in India. Randeep Hooda who has done the lead role in this movie is one of the finest heroes of India and also has done great work in “Kick”. Randeep has left lasting impression of his acting on directors that they recognize him as a good actor. Randeep says that he loves the story of this social satire movie. In this movie, he will come in a different look. All stars of this movie have done great effort as in high caliber.

This movie is on the serious social issue in which every character has played well function in making it perfect. If we talk about the plot of this movie that has not been released by bollywood yet we just know some facts about it. Randeep ditches his urban look and comes in a different way again as he also done this type of role in “Highway”. Some sexual or sensational scene makes it more romantic plus thriller movie which can catch the attention of their viewers. This film plays jet role of the social system of India with light humor.

This drama entertainer movie covers such issue for the first time. That’s why it expects much more by critics. As we said above that Randeep is happy with his role and he want to get something new that he got by this movie. But we do not know why he got enough fame as he deserves. Although we hope you like the exciting, thriller movie which has good music for their fans. But we also want to say that he script is not gripping and even the dialogues are not so catchy. But still hopeful as all cast and crew do their best effort for making this movie successful. So we hope you also like this film.


If we talk about the story of this movie it is social drama movie which has lightly satire on the social system of India with the threat of thefts in a blood bank the small town of Haryana. The film shows the illegal business of blood thefts or transfusion.


The interesting trailer shows that how it will get attention of viewers. You will also see the official trailer of “Ye Laal Rang” as it will release soon.


  • Randeep Hooda,
  • Rajniesh Duggal
  • Akshay Oberoi
  • Piaa Bajpai
  • Shreya Narayan
  • Meenakshi Dixit
  • Rajendra Sethi

Director: Syed Ahmad Afzal

Producers: Raj Malik and Nitika Thakur

Release date:

The official says that this movie released on 22nd April 2016. So now book your tickets for cinema.


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