Saturday, May 8, 2021

A Year Of a Progress: Check How Life of CT Fletcher Changed in a Year

A simple trauma can stop a sportsman from training for many months. Even a slight cold can be a reason for worsening results of the training. However, there are people who look simply unbreakable and keep being a great example of a strong will no matter what happens.

CT Fletcher is one of those people who are hard to believe they exist. He used to be a great source of motivation and a sample of a great sportsman fully determined to what he did. However, being on the top of his career, Fletcher faced a very severe disease.

Around a year ago the sportsman underwent a serious operation, he had a heart transplant. An operation of this type is very complicated and often leads to some undesirable results. Moreover, most people can’t return to their everyday activities and suffer from numerous health issues after the operation.

However, CT Fletcher is not the one who was going to give up easily. Medical prognosis, negative statistics – all these mean nothing if Fletcher decided to come back to the professional sport.

CT Fletcher used to speak openly with his fans, sharing his success, happiness and his routine work. He decided to hide nothing even when the situation changed. The sportsman has been very honest since the moment he knew about his diagnosis. Fletcher showed how he prepared for the operation and how his life changed after it. He was not afraid to reveal his fears and disappointment.

Just a year ago Fletcher was not able to make a single push up. Now it’s turn for some happy news. A year after, Fletcher showed that he’s able to make 25 push ups without even getting tired. Is that a great progress? Taking into consideration Fletcher’s situation, it’s a great improvement.

It’s early to speak about the sportsman’s full recovery. However, it’s very understandable that a heart transplant surgery is not something that can stop this muscle machine on the way to his goals. We are sure, soon Fletcher will give us another reason to be pleasantly shocked!

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