Wednesday, August 4, 2021

This Year Contest Can Become The Worst Olympia Event Ever

Olympia has always been the most popular bodybuilding competition, uniting millions of bodybuilding fans globally. While the professional bodybuilders have dreamed to compete at the Olympia stage, thousands of their loyal fans were eager to get a ticket to see the living legends of bodybuilding battling for the champion title.

Just a year ago it was almost impossible to buy a ticket month before the Olympia event. This year things can turn out to be absolutely different. According to the recent report from Williams Fitness, Olympia is not selling well.

There are still plenty of tickets that can be easily purchased on the official site. Now, the dream to see Olympia participants in flesh is closer than ever. However, it looks like almost no one is really interested in coming for the event. 

It was expected that 2019 Olympia would become a real sensation and, probably, a countdown for a new bodybuilding era. However, some of the recent news shook the bodybuilding world to its core. And the news is far from being positive.

This year contest will start without some bright bodybuilding characters what makes the competition not interesting to many fans. Shawn Rhoden who has become the greatest sensation in 2018 was arrested and banned from competing forever. However, he is not the only popular sportsman who won’t come to the Olympia stage in 2019.

If the Olympia management won’t find a way to attract more viewers to the contest, it’s possible that the main hall of the contest will be half-empty what is simply uncommon for the event of such a high level.


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