Xbox One S and Xbox One Scorpio
(Image: Wccftech)

Microsoft has launched a new sleeker version of the Xbox One original, the Xbox One S. The new console is capable of supporting 4K video streaming and HDR. How does the Xbox One S compare to the Xbox Scorpio?

As for the gaming performance, the Xbox Scorpio’s main selling point is the promise of an improved 4K gaming experience and would be much better than what the Xbox One S is capable of. The Xbox Scorpio is clocked at 60GHz ensuring butterfly smooth graphics. Moreover, Microsoft has pride that the Xbox Scorpio can run the best of games in high resolution without and frame rate issues. The same cannot be said for the Xbox One S that runs at a maximum of 30 fps at a frequency of 917MHz. In this aspect, Scorpio definitely takes the cake.

As of the moment, Xbox Scorpio is Microsoft’s best console having a whopping six-teraflop as compared to the 1.4 teraflop offered by the Xbox One S, meaning that the Scorpio has the ability to render better graphics and perform over four times better that the Xbox One S.

As for virtual reality, the Xbox Scorpio also has a promising support however the company has yet to develop their own set of VR headsets and there is yet to be any confirmation if they will opt for Oculus Rift or HTC Vive. Either way, the Xbox Scorpio is still the better of the two.

The Xbox One S is simply an upgrade of the Xbox One while the Xbox Scorpio is a step forward for Microsoft to show their growth in the console industry. The Xbox Scorpio is a very powerful console and will definitely provide a better gaming experience. All that is missing is for Microsoft to have their own VR headset that can go hand in hand with the Xbox Scorpio.


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