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Microsoft has done it again and provided its loyal fans with more games to enjoy on the Xbox One due to its backwards compatibility. Larry Hryb has shared three new titles that will be playable on the Xbox One. Hryb is known as Major Nelson and he says that the three new titles are “Rage,” “Killer Is Dead” and “Shred Nebula.”

That’s all great news, however, it is worth mentioning that “Rage” is only available in disc form and the game cannot be downloaded on the Xbox One console, so how is it going to work out? Moreover, “Killer Is Dead” and “Shred Nebula” will be appearing in the Xbox One Store after the Xbox One compatibility update takes place. In the event that the player has yet to purchase these two titles, a purchasing option is available. “Killer is Dead” will cost $20 while “Shred Nebula” costs $5.

There are also other titles that are now playable on the Xbox One thanks to its backwards compatibility, including “Half-Life 2: Episode 2,” “Portal”, “Team Fortress 2”, “Galaga Legions” and “Joe Danger 2: The Movie.”

Although players have all these titles to look forward to, some are still hoping for the “Call of Duty: Black Ops II” to be made available via backwards compatibility. There was a time that the said game was included in the list of playable games via backwards compatibility, however, Microsoft quickly removed it from the list with an explanatory tweet saying that the title was placed there by mistake. Sadly, fans can no longer unsee and are left hoping or the time it will be added back into that list.


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