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X-ray vision although sounds somewhat fantasy and mythical, and being part of so many fantasy novels and movies, finally can be a reality and all thanks goes to a group of researchers from Massachusetts Institute of Technology. The iconic professor Dina Katabi, who has so many achievements under her belt, comes up with a new software that would use variations in radio signals in order to recognize human silhouettes.

According to Dina Katabi and the research team, this technology would enable health care providers and also most of the families to keep a good view on toddlers and also on the elderly as it can be the new strategic tool for most of the law enforcement agencies and also the military.

Although, the device looks like a camera but it is not just a camera and it is a sensor that can monitor people and also allow you to control devices just by pointing at them. The coolest thing about this technological device is that it can determine wireless signals that could be used to “see” what’s happening in another room.

The wonderful thing is that these wireless signals can easily be help you in knowing as how to track a person’s motions and also measure the individual’s breathing and heart rate. The best part and the most technology advanced application is found in the shape of potentially identifying the person based on the shape of skeleton. This X-ray vision device has made huge spree and more is expected from the device in near future.



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