Promising things about WrestleMania 32

Like every year when the stadium would be emptied and when the staff would be cleaning up plastic cups and garbage millions of people would be going to their beds thinking about WWE’s WrestleMania. This annual pay per view holds very much importance for fans. It is the most hyped event of WWE. Every WrestleMania has its own promising things to which fans can look forward before mania.This year WWE is trying to cram 100,000 people into the AT&T Stadium where the WrestleMania 32 is going to held. It clearly means that the company wants to break all the previous records and make it the biggest mania ever.

1-Ladder match mayhem

Last year WWE received positive responses for the Intercontinental Championship ladder match and maybe this is why they booked a similar match this year. Ladder match which involves more than 2 wrestlers is always fun to watch and this is what this match would set the bar pretty high this time as well.

2-The Rock’s appearance

The Rock’s role in this mania is not clearly evident before fans. It is hard to guess what Dwayne the Rock Johnson would be doing on the show this year. It more likely that he would interfere in the WWE World Heavyweight title match between Roman Reigns and Triple H.

3-Some serious action in the No holds barred match

Brock lesnar is the most dominant wrestler in WWE right now power wise. When Brock lesnar manhandled Dean he challenged him for a no holds barred match. Dean would surely beat Brock lesnar up and same can be said for Lesnar. In this PG era of WWE we don’t get to see hardcore or blood soaked matches so often but this time WWE is giving the fans a chance to see two favorites beat the hell out of each other.

4-Undertaker and Shane McMahon’s match

Obviously Undertaker and on WrestleMania would create a lot of hype but the thing which makes this match more interesting is the clause which Mr. McMahon presented before the two opponents. Shane stunned the WWE universe by making a comeback into this company which is owned by his father. He confronted his sister Stephanie McMahon and his father Mr. McMahon and asked them for Monday Night Raw’s control. Mr. McMahon refused and gave him a match against the Undertaker on the grandest stage of them all which is WrestleMania. Since Undertaker’s record in WrestleMania has been very promising. Undertaker has lost only one time on WrestleMania. Vince knows this which is why he chose the undertaker to fight against Shane.

If Shane wins he gets Monday Night Raw if Undertaker loses he would not be able to compete on WrestleMania. This clause would make both the wrestlers try their best and end up being the winner. For the looks of Shane’s training promos it is clearly evident that he will give his 100% to against the Undertaker and same can be said about Undertaker as WrestleMania is considered as the synonym for Undertaker.

Timing : Sunday, April 3, at 7 p.m. ET

Live Stream : WWE Network


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