Wrestling is one of the most prominent sports played all over the world. When we talk about WWE, people are eager to know what’s happening. So we are here with the latest updates in the WWE Royal Rumble 2016. Triple H is now the new WWE World Heavyweight Champion after a thrilling and exciting match against Reign. Another turning effect is the Royal Rumble presenting the coming of AJ Styles.

This is not a common week in the history of WWE as the enterprise’s top championship was defended in the annual event the first time. Champ Roman Reigns move into the match with a thought to last longer than 29 other men to keep his belt. All the credit of this drama goes to thanks to WWE chairman Vince McMahon making him the first contestant. The problems engaged ahead of Reign proved challenging as he was shattered down by the League of Nations, then knocked out by Triple H, who took the desirable 30 slot.

In spite of that achievement, the night certainly takes an exciting turn the WWE debut of former TNA and NJPW world champion AJ Styles. When Reigns entered the ring, the first opponent he faces is Rusev and the Amway Center blasted with a booming rumble. To be precise it was the spine-tingling pop and AJ nearly badgered his Styles Clash finisher, before striking a symbol Pelé kick.

After a tough sequence come the Goldust, Ryback and Kofi Kingston trailed after. After that AJ make a huge back body drop from the Big Guy with great style.

One thing that should be mentioned here is the DolphZiggler who took it to Y2J and kicked hard and sundry, then Sheamus comes right at the time when Reigns just seems to return. The Samoan was met with distinct boos, showing he still has a lot to offer. All this lead to Triple H coming to the ring and stared him down in the center of the ring.

After a hard struggle, they tried to surpass each other with final moves and the dismissals moves real fast. HHH finished Ziggler and moved to over the game of Wyatt, who declined to leave without putting up a good fight but had to be thrown out with the help of Sheamus. Jericho hit a Codebreaker on Triple H but was a waste by Ambrose. After that, the games was between the remaining four men that is the “HHH, Sheamus, Dean and Roman”.

It wasn’t a shock to perceive Reigns remove Sheamus, but it was an open shock when Triple H took benefit of the disruption and throw Roman outside the ring. The understanding that there would certainly be a new world champion, this time, sent shocks around the stadium and the spectators got accurately behind Ambrose as the Outrageous Fringe fought the company’s chief operating officer. Things soon go up when Banks’ music strike the crowd, making a huge reaction. At first, she strike Becky out of the ring and seemed to side with Charlotte, her previous partner in NXT. So in the end, as excepted a good was shown by all the wrestlers.


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