WWE 2K17 Roster
(Credits: Youtube)

WWE is awesome on TV and it is an awesome gaming experience too! Over the years the wrestling game franchise has been improving and improving since the 2k series began. WWE 2K17 is one of the few games series that have proven to just get better and better every time a new edition comes out. This time, the game is boasting that this latest version will have the largest roster of available wrestlers to beat each other with.

The WWE 2K17 will be adding several big names to the famous wrestling video game, all of which will be making their first debut into the game. To name a few we have AJ Styles, Sasha Banks, Charlotte Bayley, Becky Lynch, Asuka and Shinsuke Nakamura. All of those names will be added to the existing bulk of WWE 2K17 Raw, SmackDown, and NXT rosters, plus the biggest and most legendary wrestlers to ever hit the arena.

The roster allows gamers to maintain and stay with the current roster of wrestlers if they prefer, plus the option of choosing all the new names that were added in. Players will also have the opportunity to create a fantasy universe and plan matches that could only happen in their dreams.

Though some may say that this version’s massive roster is a bit too much and will take the spotlight away from current Superstars, there are those who think that all the new additions are a great way to expand the game and add more thrill.

WWE 2K17 will let players create their own universe, where matches that are not likely to happen, can happen if the player wills it.


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