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The WrestleMania 32 for this season drew the attention of many spectators due to several reasons related to the event. Among several superstar matches there were a lot of matches planned previously and later these were cancelled owing to the availability or untimely injuries caused to players. Several planned and expected matches got cancels like the dual between John Cena and Undertaker. Besides this, there were several matches like those among Triple H and Roman Reigns were the most awaited fight ever witnessed.

Match between John Cena and Roman Reigns

Prior to the injury of Seth Rollins, a matched was planned to be fought between John Cena and Roman Reigns. After the injury of John Cena there seems to appear dew on the scenario however still the hopes are quite high related to match and the spectators still believe that if the match didn’t take place in WrestleMania then it might be planned in some other sequel. Yet, the Reigns is being involved in almost every match of WrestleMania 32 either it planned to be Reigns Vs. Triple H, Reigns Vs. Brook Lesnar or Reigns Vs. Cena. The fans of Roman Reigns would see him in action during the event WrestleMania 32.

Rock playing at WrestleMania 32

Being filmed in several Hollywood films The Rock couldn’t lead wrestling the way he used to be. With the indications that Rock would no longer be the member of WrestleMania for the next year. The chances are quite high that the great player would be playing in WrestleMania 32. However, there are equal chances that Rock wouldn’t appear in the session but the Match of The Rock with the beat Brock Lesnar, or the famous star Triple H. would be a great selling match.

Jeff Hardy returning to WWE

There were several rumors related to Jeff Hardy that TNA star would be joining the WWE in the event WrestleMania. There are gossips like Jeff Hardy could arrive in the rumble accompanying his brother Matt Hardy. Although both the Dudley brothers are having the issues of themselves to solve as their prior option yet there is a hope that they can join.

Randy Orton appearing for the event earlier

Randy Orton was low on the stakes since his injury; it was on the news that Orton will miss a year of action after his shoulder and Neck surgery. There are high expectations that Randy Orton will be making his appearance in WrestleMania 32 while on the same time that there aren’t any opportunities for Randy Orton to be appearing in WWE. The absence of many superstars is also considered as a favorable event for WWE WrestleMania 32 as the WWE can now have liberty to quit many top order superstars.

The average price for a WrestleMania 32 ticket is higher than any WrestleMania in history. Thus, with such a costly price tag, WWE fans will be expecting the pay-per-view to deliver from top to bottom, but especially in the main event.


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