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It seems like WWE Royal Rumble would be a memorable event as there has been lot of fervor attached to this event. Diehards firmly believe that the organizers won’t disappoint them and will put on a great show.

The new buzz regards to this upcoming awe-inspiring event is that or the first time, a WWE World Heavyweight Champion would have to fight so as to retain his title. This shocking announcement was made by WWE chairman and guest referee Vince McMahon on “Monday Night Raw”.

The event will be extraordinary in the sense that the champion would have to compete with 29 other men for the title and thus adding some more twist to WrestleMania 32. Here. It is worth mentioning that the current heavyweight champion is Roman Reigns who successfully defended his title in “Monday Night Raw” against Sheamus. The Royal Rumble 2016 will be interesting in the sense that Reigns would have to overcome such big names in the industry and turn out to be the ultimate survivor. This indeed has created some more hype for the year event and fans are exciting to see as to who will win this year.

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