When the bough breaks (2016)
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When the Bough Breaks movie tells the story of John and Laura Taylor, they are a young and professional couple, who have everything they need in their life. They are wealthy, they are happy, but what they don’t have is, a child. John and Laura want to have a baby, but unfortunately, they can’t. With no option left, they suggest a woman named Anna becoming the surrogate for their child. The problem now can be solved, if Anna is not become more and more dangerous due to the pregnancy. The young couple has to join her deadly dangerous game to regain their happiness.

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The idea of When the Bough Breaks is simple, but it successfully exploits the deep thought human beings. The director Jon Cassar is successful to focus the film on the desperate desire for a baby of a mother. From this, the film logically expands its branches to the various thought of the characters. The grief of John, the torment of Laura, the envy of Anna and the slow, dangerous change in her mind cause a dubious fear, obsessing the mind of the audience. The cast includes Morris Chestnut (John Taylor) and Regina Hall (Laura Taylor).

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This film is also a chance for Reginal Hall to try a new role, after her comedic roles in “Think like a Man” and Barbershop: The Next Cut.”

This film is rated as PG-13, which means it contains violence and sexuality/partial nudity. The film will be released on this September 9.

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