Warhammer: The End Times - Vermintide
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Even though Fatshark is going to self-publish the digital version, Nordic Games is going to take care of the boxed copies.

The console edition of this game was last shown at GDC when the Xbox One edition was played for the first ever time.

This four players cooperative action game is set in Warhammer’s universe. It launched last year for the PC. The console version will come with all of the DLC released till date. This means the console edition also comes with the Last Stand mode where you fight wave upon wave of Skaven as well as a couple of attendant maps, with the Drachenfels and Blessing DLC packs. This gives you a total of three additional maps outside Ubersreik.

In the game, Ubersreik is in ruin because of the Skaven army. Very few have lived through their invasion. You have to team up with three other players and work with each other to try and thin out their armies and drive them from the city. You can choose from one of five heroes and use a wide range of weapons to get rid of the ratmen’s forces.

This is the last stand, and you are the only one who can stop the Vermintide.

More than 500,000 PC gamers already play this game, and it is time for console gamers to join in on the fun. Are you going to be buying Vermintide when it releases next month?

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