(Credits : computerworld.com)

With the passage of every single day, we observe mind-blowing changes regard to artificial intelligence. The recent inclusion of Giraffe- a newly designed artificial intelligence program mastering all the chess skills in 24 hours has made waves. Moreover, there has also been another one with the name of DeepBeat– an artificial intelligent program that has stunned the audience with its mesmerizing rap abilities.

Another wondrous entry in the list has been Scheherazade-IF that is expected to be the best and odd one out when it comes to marvelous intelligence skills. For gaming diehards, this AI can be the best choice as it can write interactive stories that we see while playing games. This jaw-dropping AI hails from the Georgia Institute of Technology and is creating huge buzz through its exceptional features and qualities.

This AI was fed with large number of stories and based on that information; it comes up with some mind-blowing stories stunning the audience. In the future, as more stories are programed into this AI, we are expecting more and more creative work from this AI. The craze is on as new AI entrants are penetrating into the market.



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