Siri is going through technological advancement with every new version, but we also have another chartbuster in the market from the enchanting Microsoft. Although, there has been lots of discussion as to which virtual assistant i.e. Cortana or Siri is the best option, still we would say that Cortana is giving a hell of a competition to its Apple counterpart.

Kudos to Microsoft for being so exceptional and offering Cortana that is the best virtual assistant you ever heard of. With Microsoft decision of bringing Cortana to  Xbox One gaming console that has made fans on cloud nine. Xbox One is already the best console with mind-blowing features and if blended with Cortana can be the best option for gaming diehards.

The coolest thing about this collaboration is that the operating of Cortana on the Xbox One is so easy. Just go to the Settings menu and tap A button twice and easily the assistant will start installing and get finished.  However, you have to keep in mind that Cortana picks up voice commands, but the information it offers is limited.

The bringing of Cortana to Xbox one would help diehards with an opportunity to know about the latest console happenings. Let’s see how this marriage of the two giants turned out to be.

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