Dragon Ball Super Episode 58
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Fast-approaching battles, time-travel, and a new super-duo?  The fans of Dragon Ball are shaking with anticipation as spoilers from Episode 58 of Dragon Ball Super begin to sweep across the web. Although previous episodes seem to discount the rumor that Zamasu and Black Goku are the same people, spoilers from episode 58 of the hit series say otherwise.

Some are saying that the two may fuse together, creating a new, very powerful, enemy for the trio. A popular thread on Reddit teases fans with a synopsis of the newest episode of “Dragon Ball Super”. It shares that a significant encounter takes place between Goku and Beerus as they travel back through time. It also leads to that there may be a fast-approaching battle back in the future.

One speculation led on to the idea that Belarus and the Supreme Kai might begin working together to take down Zamasu finally. The verdict was split between fans, many of them saying that even if they were to collaborate, it would not be as teammates, but as two super powers working towards the same end-game– the takedown of Zamasu.

We found much more “Dragon Ball Super” spoilers across forums, some of which stated that due to the harsh blows Vegeta has suffered recently, Trunks might actually need to step up to fight with Goku in the upcoming episode 58. Further speculation hints at the idea that this episode may be the last time we see Belarus, as a life-changing event might just bring him to his demise.

What are your spoilers on episode 58 of “Dragon Ball Super”?

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