clash royale update

Players of Clash Royale should be ready for great Challenges, more Legendary Cards, improved Tournaments and wide numbers of other improvements. After every update monthly, many users of the game have been saying that it was already broken though it still offers great fun. And this Clash Royale September update aims to fix all the issues through balancing the cards, fixing the tournaments and therefore making Clash Royale more enjoyable as how it should be for all the players.

Clash Royale is one of the most addicting and popular mobile games played by the majority today, however, these past few weeks, numbers of the players sworn it off and worse deleted the game app as well. Indeed, the competitive nature that this game has is the main reason why it is good and bad. But good to know that great changes could already be experienced and so having the game app back to your mobile phone should be considered.

What’s new?

Clash Royale September update was released just 19th of September, and it offers full of changes. Every single issue experienced in the last few weeks was resolved, and great improvements could now be experienced. Everything you have in mind will definitely be answered through playing Clash Royale now! The three great changes that Supercell focused with are the improve tournaments, more obtainable legendary cards and new cards as well as game balance changes. And other more great changes are offered by Clash of Royale.

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