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There has been a lot oif discussion about the release of iOS 9.2 update, however, no official release has been confirmed till date. Although, it has officially been confirmed for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, however, we do not have dates for an official release date. However, availability of the relevant details from the beta and some other credible sources, we are being able to know about some of the main points of iOS 9.2.

Although, Apple’s iOS 9.2 update was confirmed a week after the release of iOS 9.1 which has made spree and is the version of iOS 9 used in most of the gadgets now.  It is expected that the new iOS 9.2 upgrade would be available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

For emoji lovers, a good news in the middle is that there has been an inclusion of another 150 emoji characters for the iOS 9 keyboard in this latest iOS 9.2 and also some new features, enhancements and fixes for iOS 9 problems are on the cards.

The confirmed release date of iOS 9.2 is not confirmed, however, the new release would undoubtedly turn the tables for Apple authorities.

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