Hats off to Facebook Inc. for bringing the Internet to the 4 billion folks in India and in this regard, the efforts of Mark Zuckerberg are truly exemplary.

Facebook’s experience by bringing Internet.org to India in February was a healthy step that was meant to have to meet goals when it comes to fulfilling the universal Internet access.

Facebook came with a bombastic entry by offering a free package of Internet services by collaboration with cellphone carrier Reliance Communications. However, the limited availability of Reliance has failed to gain attention from the folks.

The unconvincing nature of customers would result as apparent hurdle in Facebook dream of imparting internet to the vast category of comparatively internet deficient audience.

Despite of the fact that Internet.org’s free services in the likes of availability of news articles, health and job information, and also a text-only version of Facebook was meant to draw innumerable audience yet lots of people do not have turned a turn a blind eye to this package. The reason behind these skeptics is that Facebook has failed to penetrate into major areas and thus unable to meet the essential criteria.

The basic goal of this project was to reveal to people the basic purpose of the Internet is and what is it all about. However, the survey conducted showed negative results and most of the Indians are of the view that the project is simply a marketing campaign of the Facebook and sign up for paid plans from Reliance. The users are of the view that in order to get high acclaim, the issues need to be resolved and the service should be diversified.


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