World's Greatest Drag Race 6
(Image: Youtube)

World’s Greatest Drag Race 6 has finally taken place amidst all the speculations of the event getting terminated. The car racing enthusiasts have been waiting for this event for quite some time.

This year’s car racing enthusiasts have not been deprived of the excitement. Like all the previous year’s events, this too has a lot in store for its audience. Motor trends have been showcasing cars ranging from Japanese supercars to American brands such as the Muscles to European designed ones. The viewers get to witness the best that this annual racing day can provide them. Some of the Driver’s cars of the best quality that are taking part in this event are the McLaren 570S, Nissan GT-R, Porshe, Mustang Shelby GT350R, Acura NSX and few more.

The camera footages World’s Greatest Drag Race 6 shows the behind the scenes affairs which portray the records that the audience will probably not be able to see while sitting on the benches. It showcases the excitement and the feelings and the high pulse rates of the drivers. In the hope of taking the winning price and trophy home, more than six cars had met with accidents by falling over the gauntlet. There were some cars which couldn’t get back on the road after the engines failed and couldn’t be rescued from the breakdown.


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