Top 10 Music Apps
(Credits : Wipsen)
  1. Apple Music

Available on Android and iOS, Apple Music has been built on the backbone of Beats Music and iTunes Radio. It offers streaming service to subscribers. You can access 30 million songs in the vast library.  You can also easily create custom playlists.

  1. YouTube Music

Available for Android and Ios.  It was known formerly as Music Key. Users have 30 million music videos to choose from. Users can quickly search for albums, videos, and artists. Subscribers of YouTube Red have options like ad-free listening and more.

  1. Tidal

Available for Android and Ios.  Tidal’s claim to fame is due to its ability to stream high-fidelity music to the user’s mobile devices. The library comprises of more than 25 million songs and more than 75,000 ad-free music videos.

  1. Spotify

Available on Android, Ios, Windows Phone and Blackberry. Online Streaming Music and Spotify have become synonymous due to Spotify’s familiar UI and Facebook integration. The library in Spotify has a massive collection of more than 30 million tracks.

  1. Amazon Music with Prime

Available for Android and Ios. The Prime Music feature allows the users to stream the music purchased from Amazon. It also allows the users to stream music stored locally in tablet or smartphone.

  1. Google Play Music

Available for Android and Ios. Subscribers here will get add-free streaming. They can also download numerous artists and genres from a vast pool of 30 million songs. Users can also create favorite albums of artists, pre-made playlists, etc. Based on the users listening habits, the app will improve the music recommendations.

  1. Pandora

Available on Android, Ios, and Windows Phone. For years, personalized online radio has been provided by Pandora with continuously improved service. Based on their favorite artists, users can create play stations. There is a newly added alarm function in the free app which lets users start their day with some inspiring music.

  1. Rhapsody

Available on Android, Ios, and Windows Phone. It’s free mobile app offers user’s artist based radio and a huge song library. Users can also create and enjoy custom radio stations of their favorite artists.

  1. Slacker Radio

Available for Android and Ios.  This app is unique. It provides users finely crafted stations from many top artists like Patrick Stump and Plain White T. It is a free app, and it is constantly improving and updating with new features and playlists. It also provides access to weather stations, news and talks.

  1. Songza.

Available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone. This app is tailor made for busy users who do not have time to build custom playlists. The app will build the playlists for their day-to-day tasks. It will ask the user whether they are at work, gym, etc. and accordingly builds a custom playlist. The users can also share these playlists over social media.


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